Call for Papers: Angevins in East Central and Southeastern Europe in the 14th Century



Call for Papers

Angevins in East Central and Southeastern Europe in the 14th Century

4-5 May 2022, Zadar

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure for us to invite you to take part at the conference Angevins in East Central and Southeastern Europe in the 14th Century which is a part of the project “Angevin Archiregnum in East Central and Southeastern Europe in the 14th Century: View from the Periphery” financed by the Croatian Science Foundation, that will be hosted by the Department of History at the University of Zadar.

The aim of the conference is to gather scholars form Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and Italy and in such a way create a venue that will enable us to step out of the boundaries set by the contemporary national borders and corresponding historiographies and have a fresh and a more encompassing look at the complex political entity ruled by the Angevins in the 14th century. How was this political entity ruled, how the courts of Charles I and Louis I functioned and how these rulers projected their power on the provinces and more loosely dependent territories? In which ways the political centre tried to establish itself as the place from which the dominant system of symbols, values and beliefs that manage the society spread? What was the role of elites in these processes? What were the administrative structures through which the interactions of the political centre with the dependant peripheries were organized? How the local elites established their power, and how were local and regional noble communities shaped? How were the various networks – personal, regional, diplomatic, religious, economic, etc. – established and maintained across the huge territories ruled by the Angevins, but even further, especially encompassing Italy and the Holy Roman Empire. We hope to provide answers and insights for these and numerous other questions.

Deadline for submissions: 15 January 2022

Please submit the abstracts (max. 250 words for 15-20 minute papers) to, with an indication of your affiliation.

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