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The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary

Decreta regni mediaevalis Hungariae

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The present edition is a revised, up-dated, and re-worked version of the five printed volumes of the The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Decreta regni mediaevalis Hungariae, [DRMH] published between 1989 and 2012. The initiator of that project was Charles Schalcks, Jr., Publisher, a tireless servant of Slavic and East European studies, single-handed editor and publisher of several books and many seminal periodicals. On the counsel of Peter Hidas from Montréal, who was to be General Editor of all the laws of Hungary, he had approached Prof. György Bónis (1914–1985) to prepare a bi-lingual edition of the medieval laws of Hungary that were to be part of a major editorial plan of publishing all the laws of Central and Eastern Europe with English translations.[1] Bónis, in turn, invited James Ross Sweeney (1940–2011) of Penn State University, who then asked the assistance of the present editor, at that time at the University of British Columbia, who finally remained with the project to its very end. The first volume (1000–1300) appeared in 1989 (with a second, revised ed. in 1998); the second (1301–1458), co-edited with the leading Hungarian medievalist of the time, Pál Engel (1938–2001) and the Roman legal scholar Paul B. Harvey Jr. (1945–2014) of Penn State, came out in 1992. The volume of the laws of King Matthias I Corvinus (1458–90) was edited with the cooperation of Paul Harvey and Leslie S. Domonkos, then at Youngstown State University, and published in 1996. For the legislation of the Jagiellonian age, including the great collection of customary law, the Tripartitum, the editor was joined by Martyn Rady of UCL SEES, Peter Banyó of CEU Budapest, and Zsolt Hunyadi from Szeged University (and profited from the counsel of András Kubinyi, 1929–2007), so that the project could be completed by 2012. In the course of these decades a great number of colleagues, faculty and students alike, from the editors’ own universities and elsewhere assisted the editors; financial aid from their home universities and several foundations was helpful in preparing the printed volumes. Thanks are due to all of these persons and institutions, duly listed in the prefaces to the printed volumes of DRMH 1–5.


1        Selection of texts

In principle, this edition intends to present all surviving texts of legal force for the entire kingdom of Hungary in their time (“statutory law” and the major source of customary law) from its foundation in 1000 AD to its end at the battle of Mohács, 1526. No such collection exists, and, considering the rather chequered history of these text, cannot be easily constructed. Besides, the exact definition of “law” (decreta) is open for discussion.[2] The editors have, therefore, made reasonable selections for every period, based on the available resources; they are confident that this edition represents the essentially complete corpus of what were legally binding rules in the kingdom across these five centuries. Their point of departure was the collection of the hand- or typewritten transcripts of Ferenc Döry (1875–1960), who spent decades planning to edit a complete critical collection of medieval laws, but did not live to see it published. His work was acquired by György Bónis, who shared it with the editors of DRMH, then it went into the possession of Géza Érszegi, and is now deposited in the Hungarian National Archives.


1.1     The laws from 1000 to 1301

There is no generally accepted canon for the texts of Árpádian legislation. Neither the choice of legislative documents nor their authentic texts have yet been established through a critical edition. In the absence of a consensus, legal scholars have been free to shape the contents of printed collections in accordance with different principles. In the Hungarian tradition, the Codex Juris Hungarici (CJH)[3] represents a minimalist principle, for it contains only the “books” of Stephen, Ladislas, and Coloman, and the Golden Bull of Andrew II of 1222. The manuscript collections used by the first editors of the CJH did not contain later ones.[4] At the other extreme, Stephen Endlicher included more than eighty pieces in his collection of “laws,” augmenting—theoretically speaking, not without reason—the “law books” with a number of charters of privileges for towns, territories, and other communities.[5] The present edition represents a compromise between these two, combining legal tradition and modern view of legal history. Almost all of what had been part of the CJH for centuries has been included, but now augmented by additional texts. In contrast to the CJH, we have dropped the Institutio Morum “of St. Stephen” (called there the first book of his laws). A. Kollar, as early as the eighteenth century, demonstrated that this “speculum pincipum” does not belong into a book of laws.[6] On the other hand, certain texts of historical significance, not strictly laws or decreta but rather important privileges, discovered only in the eighteenth century, are included here: besides the Golden Bull of 1222, also its 1231 renewal and a later, shorter version of 1267 for a wider circle of freemen. The coronation decree of Andrew III and the parliamentary decretum of 1298 can be regarded as the earliest true pieces of legislation and although missing from the CJH, they are included here. In the printed version, certain texts issued in what was called “synods” had been relegated into an Appendix. That we have revised for the present edition: the statutes of the synods of Szabolcs (1092)–also styled “Book I of King Ladislas’ Laws”–and “the synod of Esztergom” as well as the undated canons of other early twelfth-century synods belong to this group. Together with the statute of Coloman concerning the Jews—as part of this rare group of early “laws”—have been included. However, the so-called “Second Cuman Law” dated to 1279, has been now convincingly argued to be a modern forgery, based partially on an authentic royal charter of that year.[7] While in the printed version the editors’ doubts about its authenticity were already noted, we have now left it out altogether. Finally, an undated collection of legal norms, formerly believed to have originated in the last years of the thirteenth century, was also included in the Appendix as “Compliatio c. 1300.” Containing significant legal measures (although irregular in form), it was seen as the last piece of legislation extant from the Árpádian age. It has now been demonstrated that it originates most likely from a century or so later.[8] Its date cannot be ascertained, the only firm ante quem is the year 1440, when it was presented to King Wladislas I, copied into a booklet; we call it therefore “Compilatio ante 1440”.

With the exception of the early medieval collections (“books”), privileges and decrees are referred to throughout by the date of their issue, as closely as known.


1.2     The laws between 1301 and 1490

The decreta of the Angevin, Luxembourg and Corvinian age have been critically edited—based on Döry’s manuscripts—in two volumes: György Bónis and Vera Bácskai Decreta regni Hungariae. Gesetze and Verordnungen Ungarns 1301–1457 (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1976), in the series Publicationes Archivi Nationalis Hungariae II, Fontes vol. 11 [DRH]; and György Bónis with Géza Érszegi and Zsuzsanna Teke, Decreta regni Hungariae. Gesetze and Verordnungen Ungarns 1458–1490 (ibid., 1989), same series, vol. 19 [DRH Matth]. The editors of DRMH essentially followed their choices, but did not include the fragmentary texts and those that are known only by reference (deperdita); they can be consulted in the two volumes mentioned above. An exception is the decree of 1411, for which a text, not utilized in previous editions, was recently discovered. Thanks to the collegial advice of Dr. Iván Borsa of the Hungarian National Archives, the editors were able to include the reading of this version, as it seems to contain the oldest text. As mentioned above, the “Compilatio ante 1440” is now placed in its chronological context here. The editors yielded to tradition and included one of the royal charters on a cameral contract from 1342, while omitting the others printed in DRH. Three other texts, not decreta proper, but relevant for legal and political development have also been retained: the royal propositions of 1415/7 and of 1432/3, and a Register from 1467. In the light of recent research, it is clear that the so-called Palatinal Articles, earlier believed to have been issued in 1457 or 1458, are of much later date.[9] They have, therefore, been dropped.

1.3     The laws and dietal decisions between 1490 and 1526

The decreta of these decades were never edited in any critical version. For this period, the editors were forced to give up the principle of translating and printing the entire corpus of statutory law. The bulk of legal documents emanating from the period between 1490 and 1526 proved to be too large to handle successfully. As far as we know, during these decades more than forty diets were held, and even though the decisions of many are lost, under King Wladislas II seven (or six) decreta were issued amounting altogether to some four hundred articles (paragraphs); from the ten years of King Louis II’s reign, more than three hundred articles have survived. Besides, many of the texts repeat more or less verbatim provisions of earlier decreta and often contain matters that were merely ephemeral administrative issues. One may even question whether all the decisions of diets—some not approved by the king, others not accepted by the estates—deserve at all the name of “legislation” in the sense that they contain legal norms binding for all subjects of the kingdom. This is especially true for the articles issued at the “tumultuous diets” of the last decade of the medieval kingdom under Louis II. These texts are less legal monuments than political programs, designed for the moment and as part of the propaganda war waged between the different factions. We identify them rather as dietal decisions. Lacking up-to-date, document based studies for the period, the context and background of the texts can be indicated only in general outlines. These will have to be augmented by new research, but at least the surviving texts are worth to be made accessible.

The editors, therefore, made a few compromises for the texts of the Jagiellonian Age. Almost all original surviving Latin texts—based on Döry’s transcription, hitherto unpublished—are included in the edition, but not all are translated and annotated. Actually, the CJH Millennial edition also abbreviated these texts or set them in small type. The selection was guided by the question whether the text contains any new legal (including procedural) measure, or whether it is politically important (e.g. reflecting stages in the tug-of-war between different noble and aristocratic factions, or the gradual restriction of the liberty of peasants, and so on). According to these criteria:

(1) some decreta are altogether given only in Latin;

(2) the rest of the decreta is presented in the usual bi-lingual form but those paragraphs that repeat earlier laws were left out, and marked not only—as in previous volumes—when they are verbatim identical to earlier articles by the = sign, but, this time, also when they are essentially the same as texts already edited elsewhere, containing only stylistic changes; these are marked by the ≈ sign indicating “similar to”; or

(3) even in the translated texts, several overly verbose articles were dropped and instead something of a regest is offered, summarizing their content in a sentence in English and printing their tituli (even though these were mostly added by later editors) in Latin.


2 The Latin text

This edition presents, as mentioned above, a hitherto partly unpublished vulgate redaction of the Latin text of the laws, based largely on the transcriptions made by Ferenc Döry. Döry followed, as a rule, the best and oldest available manuscripts: for St. Stephen, the twelfth-century Codex Admont; for Ladislas and Coloman, mainly the Codex Thuróczi; and for the decreta from the thirteenth century onward either the rare originals or the best available medieval transcripts. It is, of course, not certain that there are not more copies in provincial or private archives. For the Golden Bull of 1222 and the decretum of 1514, however, newly established texts have been adduced, prepared by Géza Érszegi, who collated all available copies. As mentioned above, the law of 1411 is also in a new redaction. At some points, where Döry’s reading does not agree with those of the older editions, the disagreement has been noted. In some instances all surviving texts are so corrupt of incomplete that, in order to render some sense, reconstructions proposed by other historians have been consulted. Manuscript variants are included only in the texts from the Jagellonian age (1490–1526). For the preceding centuries the DRH edition of Bónis et al. can be consulted.

DRMH 5, the Tripartium, followed the first printed edition of 1517 (Vienna: Singrenius) tacitly correcting obvious misprints.

The presentation of the texts conforms to the prevailing norms of modern scholarship. Rubrics inserted by early modern editors have been dropped, with the exception of chapter headings in some of the law books of Stephen and Ladislas and in a few later decreta, which may be original. (Exceptions made for the Jagiellonian age are discussed above.) The subdivision of laws into articles is an old CJH tradition and rests implicitly on medieval bases, even though the numbering is modern. The traditional numbering of either the CJH or the first editors has been, as a rule, followed to facilitate scholarly consultation. Differences between this edition and previous ones, if significant, are listed in the concordances following the respective texts. The orthography has been normalized to the usage of u and v, i, and j; e caudata (which prevails for æ) is given as e.


  1. The English translation.

This posed more problems than translations usually do. Every translation implies interpretation and thus a certain amount of change and distortion. The editors had to face at least two additional problems. First, the Latin text was in many cases clearly faulty or garbled and had never been properly amended. During the past five hundred years learned editors of the CJH put their hands to the text and did their best to make sense of it. They did so, however, in the light of a living Hungarian legal tradition, that is, of the customary law of the noble natio Hungarica of much later centuries. We attempt to bring the texts as we have it, even if they do not correspond with the expectations of lawyers and legal historians of a later age, or contained contradictions and obscurities. The editors have noted their doubts and problems, as well as earlier scholarly comments in the notes, but have attempted to render the text of the ancient originals as faithfully as possible. This brought them to the second major quandary. It is obvious that medieval institutional and legal terms in the English language originated in the historical realities of the British Isles. Here, however, concepts that grew out of an entirely different historical experience had to be rendered in English words. Many of our learned colleagues in such cases decide to retain the “original” Latin–which may be precise, but awkward. One still might ask, however, how “original” these Latin terms were. Surely medieval Hungarians named offices and institutions in the vernacular and these terms were translated into Latin by the learned clerks who composed the written record—therefore, only their Magyar version, if known, would be truly original. But deploying a large number of Latin or Hungarian technical terms on each page of English text would not have helped the non-specialist reader. Therefore, the editors attempted in almost all cases to coin a term that appears to be a reasonable English equivalent of the Latin of the laws (and, as far as one can presume, of the vernacular original). Finally, only the translation of the word comes remained “unsolved”: since is does not imply noble title (there was, with some exceptions, no titled nobility in medieval Hungary) nor the kind of royal officer of Carolingian-type “count,” the editors decided to give the Hungarian version, ispán, that seems to have designated first the great men of the realm, later royal officers heading the counties.[10] The difficulties with another enigmatic term, regnicola (verbatim: inhabitant of the realm), that seems to have meant landowning freemen, later noblemen, led to an awkward but perhaps reasonable formulation: they are referred to (in the earlier Middle Ages) as “man/men of the realm,” and later as “gentleman/en of the realm.” Other technical terms are explained in the notes.

All in all, the translation aims at the maximum feasible authenticity, bearing in mind that not all readers will wish to enter into the intricacies of local development. The task was to prepare a readable and informative text, not necessarily elegant, but faithful, and by adding notes and glosses, to enable the reader to derive more precise understanding.



4 The apparatus criticus

As can be expected in a project that was accomplished across several decades with a number of collaborators, the annotations and prefaces to the texts are slightly diverse in every section, even if a certain uniformity was attempted. Every law opens with a preface on its background and textual problems, then lists the manuscripts (used by Döry and usually re-checked by the editors) as MSS, the previous editions (EDD) and a selected list of relevant scholarly literature (LIT). Annotations on historical matters, technical terms, and personal data as well as cross-references to earlier or later legislation are added only to the English translation.
The annotations are composed so that every law can be read in itself, thus repetitions are frequent.

No systematic attempt was made during the preparation of the present edition fully to update the literature in the prefaces and the notes from the printed DRMH, but some recent titles have been added.

Budapest, 2019.                                                                 János M. Bak





THE HOUSE OF ÁRPÁD (1000-1301)

The laws of King St. Stephen I of HUNGARY (1000–1038) Book I……

THE LAWS OF KING st STEPHEN I OF HUNGARY (1000–1038) Book II……………..

  CANONS OF THE SYNOD OF SZABOLCS 20 MAY 1092= Laws of King St      Ladislas I (1077-95) [“Book I”]……………………………………………………..



THE LAW OF KING COLOMAN OF HUNGARY (1095–1116)…………………………….



CONFIRMATION OF THE GOLDEN BULL OF KING ANDREW II OF HUNGARY (1205–35),             1231………………………………………………………………………………………

PRIVILEGE FOR THE LESSER NOBLES BY KING ANDREW II of HUNGARY (1205– 35)1267…………………………………………………………………………………


              1 SEPTEMBER,1290…………………………………………………………




LAW OF KING CHARLES I OF HUNGARY (1301-42) OF ca. 1320……………

MANDATE OF KING CHARLES I OF HUNGARY (1301-42), 10 August, 1324 …………

PRIVILEGE OF KING CHARLES I OF HUNGARY (1301-42) OF 31 October, 1328……

Charter on cameral contracts of King Charles I of Hungary (1301-42),             1342…………………………………………………………………………………………

DECRETUM UNICUM OF KING LOUIS I OF HUNGARY (1342-82) 11 December,             1351….…………………………………………………………………………………..

LAW OF QUEEN MARY OF HUNGARY (1382–7) OF 22 JUNE 1384………………………


DECRETUM OF THE DIET OF HUNGARY IN 1386 (after 27 August)………………

LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437) (October 1397)……………….

LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437), 6 April 1404 (Placetum regium).

LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437) OF 21 December 1404……..



LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437) 1411 (before 18 March)……


LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437) 23 JULY, 1421……………………


LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437) 17 March 1427 B……………..

KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY’s Propositions on defense of c. 1432/1433

LAW OF KING SIGISMUND OF HUNGARY (1387-1437) OF 8 March 1435 (Decretum             maius)……………………………………………………………………………………


LAW OF KING ALBERT (1437-39) OF HUNGARY OF 29 MAY, 1439…………………….

Compilation OF LAWS IN HUNGARY (BEFORE 1440)…………………………………

CORONATION PATENT OF KING WLADISLAS I (14440-44) OF HUNGARY, 20 JULY,             1440……………………………………………………………………………………

LAW OF KING WLADISLAS I OF HUNGARY (1440-44) OF 1443 (March or April)…..

LAW OF KING WLADISLAS I OF HUNGARY (1440-44) OF 18 April, 1444……………….

LAW OF THE DIET OF HUNGARY OF 7 MAY, 1445………………………………………….

LAW OF THE DIET OF HUNGARY OF 13 JUNE, 1446………………………………………..

LAW OF THE DIET OF HUNGARY OF 25 MARCH, 1447…………………………………….





LAW OF KING MATTHIAS I (CORVINUS) OF HUNGARY (1458-90) OF 5 JANUARY, 1459……………………………………………………………………………………………


CORONATUON DECREE OF KING MATTHIAS I (CORVINUS) OF HUNGARY (1458-90)        OF 6 APRIL, 1464………………………………………………………………………..

REGISTER  OF KING MATTHIAS I (CORVINUS) OF HUNGARY (1458-90) OF 1467    [BEFORE 1APRIL]………………..… …………………………………………………..

LAW OF KING MATTHIAS I (CORVINUS) OF HUNGARY (1458-90) OF 18 SEPTEMBER,             1471……………………………………………………………………………………

LAW OF KING MATTHIAS I (CORVINUS) OF HUNGARY (1458-90) OF 2 OCTOBER,     1474 …………………………….



LAW OF KING MATTHIAS I (CORVINUS) OF HUNGARY (1458-90) OF 25 JANUARY,     1486  (Decretum maius)………………………



LAW OF KING WLADISLAS II OF HUNGARY (1490-1516) OF 1492  (2 FEBRUARY ?)……………………………………

LAW OF KING WLADISLAS II OF HUNGARY (1490-1516) OF 1495……………..










DECISIONS OF THE DIET UNDER KING LOUIS II OF HUNGARY (1516-26),             1524/5……………………………………..


LAW OF KING LOUIS II OF HUNGARY (1516-26) OF 1526……………………………

Stephen Werbőczy’s Tripartitum (1517)


Martyn Rady, Stephen Werbőczy and the Triparitum …………………………………..

Tripartitum opus iuris consuetudinarii inclyti regniHungariæ per magistrum Stephanum de Werbewcz personalis præsentie regiæ maiestatis locum tenentem accuratissime editum


Pars I………………………………

Pars II……………………………….

Pars III……………………………..


The customary laws of the renowned kingdom of Hungary: A work in three parts rendered most accurately by master Stephen Werbőczy locumtenens of the personal presence of the royal majesty


Part I……………………………………………….

Part II…………………………………………………

Part III…………………………………………………
















[1] Of this ambitious project, only the five volumes of DRMH and the edition of a few early Russian laws materialized.

[2] See: György Bónis, “Begriff, Wirkung und gesellschaftliche Rolle des Dekrets,”in Idem and Vera Bácskai eds. Decreta regni Hungariae. Gesetze and Verordnungen Ungarns 1301-1457 (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1976), pp. 15—31 and Susanna Teke, “Begriff des Dekrets und seine gesellschaftliche Rolle zur Zeit von König Matthias,” in: György Bónis with Géza Érszegi and Zsuzsanna Teke, eds., Decreta regni Hungariae. Gesetze and Verordnungen Ungarns 1458-1490 (ibid., 1989), pp. 11—40.

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[10] That the word was seen as specific for this Hungarian officer is suggested by the fact that in German it was translated not as Graf but as Gespan. Pipo Scolari, ispán of several counties in Hungary, was called in Florence Pipo Spano..

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Estonian Academy Of Sciences Eesti Teaduste AkadeemiaKohtu 6, 10130 Tallinn General email: akadeemia@akadeemia.eeGeneral: (+ 372) 645 1805 http://www.akadeemia.ee/en/academy/contact/
Estonian History Teachers’ Association Eesti Ajaloo- Ja Ühiskonnaõpetajate SeltsRaudtee 73, 11620 Tallinn Mare Oja (Contact Person) mare.oja@tlu.eeGeneral fax: (+372) 6321253 http://www.eays.edu.ee/aja/index.php/kontakt
Latvia Daugavpils University Department of HistoryDaugavpils Universitāte, Vēstures katedraVienības ielā 13 – 312, LV-5401 Daugavpils


University Library

Daugavpils Universitāte, Bibliotēka

1 Parādes ielā, LV-5401 Daugavpils

Prof. Ilze Šenberga (Head of Depart.)vk@du.lv
Regīna Tereščenkova (Library  director)


University of Latvia Department of Latvian and Baltic Studies Latvijas Universitāte, Latvistikas un baltistikas nodaļaVisvalža Street 4a, room 222, LV-1050 Rīga


Institute of Latvian History

Latvijas Universitāte, Latvijas vēstures institūts

Kalpaka bulvāris 4, LV-1050 Rīga






Institute of Educational Research

Latvijas Universitāte, Pedagoģijas, psiholoģijas un mākslas fakultātes Izglītības pētniecības institūts

76 Jūrmalas gatvē, LV-1083 Rīga


Humanities Library

Latvijas Universitāte, Bibliotēkas Humanitāro zinātņu bibliotēka

Visvalža iela 4a, 1. stāvs, LV-1050 Rīga

Liene Kalvitis (Secretary)liene.kalvisa@lu.lvProf. Ojārs Lāms (Head of Depart.)



Viktorija Bebre (Academic Secretary)


Guntis Zemītis (Director)



Institute email: (+371) 67034510

Institute fax: lvi@lza.lv


Prof. Andrejs Geske (Director & contact person) ipi@lu.lv

Fax: (+371) 67034027




General email: humanitara.bibl@lu.lv









National Library of Latvia Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēkaMūkusalas iela 3, LV-1423 Rīga  General email: lnb@lnb.lvGeneral fax: (+371) 67280851 https://www.lnb.lv/en/contacts/contacts
Latvian Academy of Sciences Akadēmijas laukums 1, LV-1050 Rīga General email: lza@lza.lv / konsultants@lnb.lv (for enquiries)General  fax: (+371) 67821153  http://www.lza.lv/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=80&Itemid=174
History Teachers’ Association of Latvia Latvijas Vestures Skolotaju AsociacijaSapieru 1 A-6, LV-1012 Riga  Dzintra Liepina (Contact Person)dzintra_liepina@inbox.lvGeneral email: info@vsb.lv


Lithuania Vytautas Magnus University Department of HistoryVytauto Didžiojo universitetas, Humanitarinių mokslų fakultetas, Istorijos katedra
K.Donelaičio g. 52-502, LT-44244 Kaunas
Vitalija Kasperavičiūtė (Senior administrator)v.kasperaviciute@hmf.vdu.lt 

General email: ik@hmf.vdu.lt

Vilnius University Ancient and Medieval History DepartmentVilniaus Universitetas, Senovės ir viduramžių istorijos katedra, Istorijos fakultetasUniversiteto g. 7, LT-01513 Vilnius




Center for Religious Studies and Research

Vilniaus Universitetas, Religijos studijų ir tyrimų centras

Universiteto g. 9/1, 105 kab., LT-01513 Vilnius

Depart. email: elvyra.matoniene@if.vu.ltLukoševičienė Dijana (History faculty contact) dijana.Lukoseviciene@if.vu.lt

History faculty email: if@if.vu.lt

History faculty fax: (+370) 268 7282


Kristina Rinkevičienė (Administrator)


Fax: (+370) 5268 7189







Šiauliai University Department of HistoryŠiaulių universitetas, Istorijos katedraP.Višinskio g. 38, LT-76352 Šiauliai General email: ik@hu.su.lt http://www.su.lt/en/faculty-of-humanities/department-of-historyhttp://www.su.lt/humanitarinis-fakultetas/apie-fakulteta/kontaktai
Vilnius art academy museum Vilniaus dailės akademijos muziejusMaironio g. 6, LT-01124 Vilnius General email: muziejus@vda.lt http://www.muziejai.lt/Vilnius/vda_muziejus.en.htm
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Lietuvos Mokslų AkademijaGedimino pr. 3, LT-01103 Vilnius  General email: prezidiumas@lma.ltGeneral fax: (+370) 5261 8464  http://www.lma.lt/lt/kontaktai
Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science Lietuvių katalikų mokslo akademijaPilies g. 3, LT-01123 Vilnius General email: contacts@lkma.ltGeneral fax: (+370) 5212 7461 http://www.lkma.lt/index.php?id=9
History Teachers’ Association of Lithuania Lietuvos Istorijos Mokyjtok AsociacijaArchitektu g. 56-13, LT-04111 Vilnius Vitalijus Fursovas (Contact Person) kentavr@delfi.lt http://www.istorijosmokytojai.lt/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=66&Itemid=70
Poland University of Białystok Department of Ancient History 

Department of Medieval History and Auxiliary Science of History


Department of Modern Polish History

Uniwersytet w Białymstoku, Instytut Historii i Nauk Politycznych

Plac Uniwersytecki 1, 15-420 Białystok


Prof. Zbigniew Dalewski (Head of Depart.)zbigdal@gmail.com 

Prof. Jan Tęgowski (Head of Depart.)



Prof. Ewa Dubas-Urwanowicz (Head of Depart.)




History faculty email: historia@uwb.edu.pl

History faculty fax: (+48) 85745 7443







Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz Department of Medieval HistoryUniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego, Zakład Historii Średniowiecznejul. Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego 12, 85-671 Bydgoszcz Prof. Jacek Maciejewski (Head of Depart.)jmac@ukw.edu.pl 

Departmental fax: (+48) 5232 59227

University of Wrocław Institute of HistoryUniwersytet Wrocławski, Wydział Nauk Historycznych i Pedagogicznych, Instytut Historycznyul. Szewska 49, 50-139 Wrocław Faculty email: sekret@hist.uni.wroc.plFaculty fax (+48) 71343 6542 http://www.uni.wroc.pl/struktura-uczelni?j=107343
University of Gdańsk Institute of HistoryUniwersytet Gdański, Instytut Historiiul. Wita Stwosza 55, 80-952 Gdańsk Anna Lachowska (secretary)hisal@ug.edu.plAneta Plaskiewicz (secretary)


Prof. Arkadiusz Janicki (Director)



Institute email: sekih@ug.edu.pl

Institute fax: (+48) 58523 2147

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Department of History of Ancient and MedievalUniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski, Instytut Historii i Stosunków Międzynarodowychul. Kurta Obitza 1, 10-725 Olsztyn



Research Center Eastern Europe

Centrum Badań Europy Wschodniej

UWM w Olsztynie

ul. Kurta Obitza 1, p. 236, 10-725 Olsztyn


Methodical Training Centre

Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski, Ośrodek Kształcenia Metodycznego

ul. Kurta Obitza 1. pok. 359, 10-725 Olsztyn

Prof.  Józef Śliwiński (Head of Depart.)jozef.sliwinski@uwm.edu.pl 

Hist. facul. email: historia.human@uwm.edu.pl

Hist. facul. fax: (+48) 89 527 3612


General email: komunikacjam@uwm.edu.pl

General fax: (+48) 8953514 86 (87)




General email: praktykistudenckieuwm@wp.pl

General fax: (+48) 89524 6558











Jagiellonian University Institute of HistoryUniwersytet Jagielloński, Wydział Historyczny, Instytut HistoriiGołębia 13, 31-007 Kraków



Library of the History Institute

Bibliotece Instytutu Historii UJ

Ul. Gołębia 13, 31-007 Kraków

Barbara Korpet (depart. secretary)barbara.korpet@uj.edu.pl 

Institute email: historia@hist.uj.edu.pl

Institute fax: (+48) 12421 7710


General email: bibl@hist.uj.edu.pl




University of Łódź Institute of HistoryUniwersytet Łódzki, Instytut Historiiul. Kamińskiego 27a, 90-219 Łódź Institute email: sekretariatih@uni.lodz.plInstitute fax: (+48) 42665 5982  http://www.historia.uni.lodz.pl/
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Institute of HistoryKatolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, Instytut HistoriiAl. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin Joanna Matwiejczyk (secretary)sekretih@kul.pl http://www.kul.pl/kontakt,11281.html
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Department of Medieval HistoryUniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Zakład Historii Powszechnej Średniowiecznejpl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 4a, 20-031 Lublin


Institute of History


 Prof. Jacek Banaszkiewicz (Head of Depart.)jrbanaszkiewicz@gmail.com 



Jolanta Solan-Jurak (secretary of the hist. inst.)


Institute fax: (+48) 81537 5282




Opole University Institute of HistoryUniwersytet Opolskiego, Instytut Historiiul. Strzelców Bytomskich 2, 45-084 Opole Institute email: insthist@uni.opole.plInstitute fax: (+48) 77401 6188 http://historia.uni.opole.pl/kontakt/
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań Department of Medieval HistoryUniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Instytut Historii, Zakład Historii Średniowiecznejul. Święty Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznań


Prof. Krzysztof Kaczmarek (Head of Depart.)krzymosina@op.pl 

Institute of History  email: history@amu.edu.pl

Institute of History fax: (+48) 61829 4725

Rzeszów University Institute of HistoryUniwersytet Rzeszowski, Instytut Historiial. Rejtana 16c, 35-959 Rzeszów Institute email: hist-ur@univ.rzeszow.plInstitute fax: (+48) 17872 12 69 http://www.ur.edu.pl/wydzialy/socjologiczno-historyczny/instytut-historii/kontakt
University of Szczecin Department of Medieval HistoryUniwersytet Szczeciński, Sekretariat Instytutu Historii i Stosunków Międzynarodowychul. Krakowska 71-79, 71-017 Szczecin Prof. Stefan Kwiatkowski (Head of Depart.)stefankwiatkowski@onet.eu 

Grażyna Mazgoła (secretary at History Instit.)

Institute email: ihism@whus.pl

Institute fax: (+48) 91444 3301

University of Warsaw Department of Medieval History  

Department of Teaching of History

Uniwersytet Warszawski, Instytut Historii, Zakład Historii Średniowiecznej /or/ Zakład Dydaktyki Historii

Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa

Roman Michałowski (Head of Depart.)michalowski.roman@acn.waw.pl 

Katarzyna Błachowska (Head of Depart.)


Departmental email: zdh.ih@uw.edu.pl


Institute email: sekretariat.ih@uw.edu.pl

Institute fax:  (+48) 22 826 1988



Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw Department of Medieval HistoryUniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie, Instytut Nauk Historycznych, Katedra Historii Średniowiecznejul. Wóycickiego 1/3,bl. 23,  01-938 Warszawa Fr. Prof.  Waldemar Graczyk (Head of Depart.)waldemar-graczyk@wp.pl 

Institute email: inh@uksw.edu.pl


University of Zielona Góra Department of Medieval HistoryUniwersytet Zielonogórski, Instytut Historii, Zakład Historii Średniowiecznejal. Wojska Polskiego 69, 65-762 Zielona Góra Prof. Urszula Świderska-Włodarczyk (Head of Depart.)u.swiderska-wlodarczyk@ih.uz.zgora.pl 

Hist. Inst. email: sekretariat@ih.uz.zgora.pl

Hist. Inst. fax: (+48) 68328 3279

Polish National Library Biblioteka NarodowaNiepodległości 213, 02-086 Warszawa General email: kontakt@bn.org.pl http://www.bn.org.pl/
Polish Academy of Sciences Division I Humanities and Social SciencesPolska Akademia Nauk Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Plac Defilad 1 Skrytka Pocztowa 24, 00-901 Warszawa Prof. Stanislaw Filipowicz (Dean of Faculty)stanislaw.filipowicz@pan.pl 

General email: akademia@pan.pl

General fax: (+48) 22182 7050

Polish Hist-ory Teachers Association Os .Willowe 35, Kraków 31-902 Andrzej Górniak (President & Contact Person)snh-pl@wp.pl http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/poland-polish-history-teachers-association
Belarus Belarusian State University The Department of Belarus History of the Ancient Time and the Middle AgesБелорусский государственный университет, История кафедры истории Беларуси древнего времени и средних вековул. Красноармейская 6, г. Минск, 220030



The Ancient and Medieval History Department

Белорусский государственный университет, История кафедры истории древнего мира и средних веков

ул. Красноармейская 6, 220030 г. Минск


Prof. Kazakov Yuriy Leonidovich (Head of Depart.): No email given 





Prof. Victor A. Fedosik (Head of Depart.)






Hist. Fac. email: hist@bsu.by

Hist. Fac. fax: (+375) 17327 3014






Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Faculty of History and SociologyФакультэт гісторыі, камунікацыі і турызму

230023, г. Гродна, вул. Кастрычніцкая, 5
230023 Grodno, Oktiabrskaya Str., 5

E-mail: d2074@grsu.by
National Library of Belarus Нацыянальная Бiблiятэка Беларусiпр. Независимости, 116, 220114 г. Минск General email: inbox@nlb.byGeneral fax: (+375) 17266 3706 


Natallia Esis (Academic secretary)

secretar@nlb.by & esis@nlb.by

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Национальная академия наук Беларусипр-т Независимости 66, 220072 г. Минск  General email: nasb@presidium.bas-net.byGeneral fax: (+375) 17284 2816 

Podkopaev Vladimir Viktorovich (Head of the Depart. of International Cooperation)


Orlova Elena Evgenjevna (Deputy Head of the Depart. of International Cooperation)


Ukraine Kamyanets-Podilsky Ivan Ohienko National University Department of the History of UkraineКам’янець-Подільський національний університет імені Івана Огієнка (КПНУ), Історичний факультет, Кафедра історії Українивул. Татарська, 14, 32300 м. Кам’янець-Подільський Depart. email: kaf_ukr_history@kpnu.edu.ua 


Hist. Fac. email: dec_history@kpnu.edu.ua

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University Faculty of HistoryДніпропетровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара, Історичний факультетпросп. Гагаріна,  72, 49010 м. Дніпропетровськ


Regional center of education monitoring

Дніпропетровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара,

Регіональний Центр Моніторингу Освіти

вул. Казакова 18, корпус 14, ауд. 110, 49010 м. Дніпропетровськ

No email, no fax given 





General email: rcmo-mmf@mail.dsu.dp.ua

General fax: (+380) 56776 5833






Donetsk National University Faculty of HistoryДонецький Національний Університет, Історичний факультетвул. 600-річчя, 21, 21021 Вінниця Hist. Fac. email: hist.fcl@donnu.edu.ua http://hist.donnu.edu.ua/uk-ua
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Department of HistoryНаціональний університет «Києво-Могилянська академія», Кафедра історіївул. Г. Сковороди, 2, 04655 Київ Natalia V. Shlikhta (Head of Depart.)nshlikhta@gmail.com 

Depart. fax: (+380) 44425 6006

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Faculty of HistoryІсторичний факультет Київського національного університету імені Тараса ШевченкаВул. Володимирська 60, 01601 Київ Hist. fac. email: decanat_histor@univ.kiev.ua and history_dpt.head@univ.net.uaHist. fac. fax: (+380) 44234 6980 and (+380) 44239 3212 http://www.univ.kiev.ua/ua/dep/ist/http://www.history.univ.kiev.ua/uk/faculty-number-one/kontacty1
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Department of History of Central and Eastern Europe 

Department of History of Middle Ages and Byzantine Studies

Львівський національний університет ім. Івана Франка, Історичний факультет, Кафедра історії центральної та східної європи /or/ Кафедра історії середніх віків та візантиністики

вул. Університетська 1, 79000 м. Львів

Prof. Mykhailo Kril (Head of Depart.)No email given 


Prof. Leontiy Voytovych (Head of Depart.)





Hist. fac. email: clio@lnu.edu.ua





Lviv Polytechnic National University Department of History of Ukraine and EthnocommunicationНаціональний університет «Львівська політехніка», Кафедра історії України та етнокомунікацій (ІУЕК)вул. Митрополита Андрея 3, 4-й корпус, кімната 202, 79013 Львів Prof. Verbytska Pauline V. (Head of Depart.)Depart. email: kafistor@polynet.lviv.ua &


Ukrainian Catholic University Department of Classical, Byzantine and Medieval StudiesУкраїнський Католицький Університет, Кафедра КлаВіСВул. Іл. Свєнціцького 17, 79011 м. Львів Prof. Yaroslava Melnyk (Head of Depart.)clavis@ucu.edu.ua 

University email: info@ucu.edu.ua

University fax: (+380) 38240 9950

Nationa University of Kharkiv Institute of History (incl. Department of Ancient and Medieval History)Харківський національний університет, Історичний факультетмайдан Свободи 4, 61022 Харків Institute email: history@karazin.uaInstitute fax: (+380) 57705 1236 http://history.karazin.ua/schools
Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University Department of Ethnology, ancient and medieval historyЧернівецький національний університет імені Юрія Федьковича, факультет історії, політології та міжнародних відносин, кафедра етнології, античної та средньовічної історіївул Кафедральна 2, корпус 14, 58012 м. Чернівці Prof. Michael K. Chuchko (Head of Depart.)m.chuchko@chnu.edu.ua 

Depart. email: eamh@chu.edu.ua

Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University Department of Ancient and Medieval HistoryОдеський національний університет ім. І.І. Мечникова, Історичний факультет, Кафедра історії стародавнього світу та середніх віківNO UNAMBIGUOUS POST. ADDRESS PROVIDED

?? вул. Дворянська, 2, 65000 Odessa, Ukraina
Iryna V. Nemchenko (Head of the Depart.)irvic1@gmail.com http://onu.edu.ua/en/structure/faculty/history/oldhist/http://onu.edu.ua/en/geninfo/contacts
National Library of Ukraine Національна бібліотека Українипр. 40-річчя Жовтня 3, 03039 м. Київ General email: library@nbuv.gov.uaGeneral fax: (+380) 44525 5602 http://www.nbuv.gov.ua/node/136
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Національна академія наук Українивул. Володимирська 54, 01030 Київ General email: prez@nas.gov.uaGeneral fax: (+380) 44234 3243 http://www.nas.gov.ua/UA/Pages/default.aspx
Ukrainian History Teachers’ Association Всеукраїнської асоціації “Нова Доба”вул. Галицька, 1/5, 79008 м. Львів Polina Verbitska (Contact Person)Email: center@novadoba.org.uaFax: (+380) 32297 6689 http://www.novadoba.org.ua/ukr/contacts
Czech Republic Charles University in Prague Department of HistoryCharles University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of HistoryU Kříže 8 (místnost 5010), 158 00 Prague 5 Markéta Pražáková Seligová (Head of Depart.)marketa.seligova@seznam.cz http://fhs.cuni.cz/FHS-1205.htmlhttp://fhs.cuni.cz/FHSENG-91.html
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Department of HistoryJihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích, Filozofická fakulta, Historický ústavBranišovská 31a, 370 05 České Budějovice Marie Tesařová (depart. secretary)tesarova@ff.jcu.czProf. Václav Bůžek (Head of Depart.)


University of West Bohemia Department of Historical SciencesZápadočeská Univerzita v Plzni (ZČU),Fakulta filozofická, Katedra historických věd

Sedláčkova 38, 306 14 Plzeň

Barbora Polifková (depart. secretary)polifkov@khv.zcu.czRoman Kodet (Head of Depart.)


University of Hradec Králové Department of HistoryUniverzita Hradec Králové,  Filozofická fakulta, Historický ústavRokitanského 62 (building B, room 22080), 500 03 Hradec Kralove 3 Jitka Arnoštová (depart. secretary)jitka.arnostova@uhk.czJiří Hutečka (Head of Depart.)


National Library of the Czech Republic Národní knihovna České republikyKlementinum 190, 110 00 Praha 1 sekret.ur@nkp.cz (Office of Director General)oms.ur@nkp.cz (Foreign Relations Depart.)public.ur@nkp.cz (Public Relations Depart.)

General fax: (+420) 22166 3261

Center for Medieval Studies CMSJilská 1
110 00 Praha 1
tel.: (+420) 222 222 146
e-mail: cms@flu.cas.cz
sommer@arup.cas.cz (Drector)
Historical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Historický ústav AV ČR,
Prosecká 809/76,
CZ-190 00 Praha 9
Telefon: +420 286 882 121

volesakova@hiu.cas.cz (Sekretariat) AV CR: http://www.cas.cz/kontakty/index.html
History Teachers’ Association of the Czech Rep. (ASUD) Vratislavova 13, 128 00 Prague 2 Eva Zajícová (Contact Person)ezajicova@seznam.cz 

General email: asud@volny.cz & asudcr@seznam.cz

General fax: (+420) 25156 1389

Slovakia Matej Bel University Department of HistoryUniverzita Mateja Bela, Filozoficka fakultá, Katedra histórieTajovského 40, 974 01 Banská Bystrica Jana Kováčová (depart. secretary)jana.kovacova2@umb.skRastislav Kožia (Head of Depart.)



General depart. email: ff.khi@umb.sk & fhv.khi@umb.sk

Comenius University in Bratislava Department of General HistoryUniverzita Komenského v Bratislave, Filozofická fakulta, Katedra všeobecných dejínGondova 2, P.O.BOX 32, 814 99  Bratislava Andrea Reffeková (depart. secretary)andrea.reffekova@uniba.sk http://fphil.uniba.sk/kontakt/
Selye János University Department of History (pedagogical faculty)Univerzita J. Selyeho, Pedagogická fakulta, Katedra histórie/or/

Selye János Egyetem, Tanárképző Kar, Történelmi Tanszék

Bratislavská cesta 3322, SK-94501 Komárno

Popély Árpád (medieval & modern historian)popelya@selyeuni.skVajda Barnabás (early modern historian)


Szarka László (early modern historian)


University of Prešov Department of the oldest, medieval and early modern historyPrešovská univerzita v Prešove, Filozofická fakulta, Katedra najstarších, stredovekých a ranonovovekých dejín17. novembra 1, 080 01 Prešov Prof. Peter Kónya (Head of Depart.)peter.konya@unipo.sk http://www.unipo.sk/filozoficka-fakulta/ih/najstarsiedejinyadejinyreligii/
Catholic University in Ružomberok Department of HistoryKatolícka univerzita v Ružomberku, Filozofická fakulta, Katedra histórieHrabovská cesta 1B, 034 01 Ružomberok


Institute of Historical Sciences and Practical Theology (pedagogical faculty)

Katolícka univerzita v Ružomberku,

Pedagogická fakulta, Ústav historických vied a praktickej teológie

Hrabovská cesta 1, 034 01 Ružomberok

Zuzana Benczová (depart. secretary)zuzana.benczova@ku.skJaroslav Nemeš (Head of Depart.)



Štefan Kučík (depart. secretary)


Prof. Róbert Sarka (Head of Depart.)



Depart. fax: (+421) 044/4304787



University of Trnava Department of HistoryTrnavská univerzita v Trnave, Filozofická fakulta, Katedra histórieHornopotočná 23, 981 43 Trnava Zuzana Lopatková (depart. secretary)lopatkova@centrum.skVladimir Rábik (Head of Depart.)


National Library of the Czech Republic Slovenská národná knižnicaNámestie J. C. Hronského 1, 036 01 Martin 

Bibliotheca Apponiana – Aponiovská Knižnica, 956 14 Oponice 271

General email: snk@snk.sk 

General email: historicke.fondy@snk.sk

Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovenská akadémia viedŠtefánikova 49, 814 38 Bratislava  Lubica Suballyová (secretary)suballyova@up.upsav.sk 

General fax: (+421) 257510 608

Slovak History Teachers’ Association NO NAME GIVENGondova 2, 818 01 Bratislava  Viliam Kratochvil (Contact Person)viliam.kratochvil736@gmail.com http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/slovak-hta-full-members-487
Croatia University of Zadar Department of HistorySveučilište u Zadru, Odjel za PovijestRuđera Boškovića 5, 23000 Zadar Danijel Pavičić (depart. secretary)dpavicic@unizd.hrFax: (+385) 23/200730

Prof. Mithad Kozličić (Head of Depart.)


Fax: (+385) 23/200647

University of Zagreb Depart. of World History of the Middle AgesSveučilište u Zagrebu, Zavod za Hrvatsku Povijest, Katedra za svjetsku povijest srednjeg vijekaIvana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb


Department of the History of Central and

Southeast Europe

Filozofski fakultet Zagreb, Zavod za Hrvatsku Povijest, Katedra za povijest srednje i

jugoistočne Europe

Ivana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb


Institute of Croatian History




Department of Education

Filozofski fakultet Zagreb, Odsjek za pedagogiju (Soba C-203)

Ivana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb

Borislav Grgin (Head of Depart.)bgrgin@ffzg.hrHrvoje Klasić (assoc. prof.)




Drago Roksandić (Head of Depart.)


Željko Holjevac (assoc. prof.)





Danijela Bašić (secretary of the History Inst.)


General email: zhp@ffzg.hr


Gordana Cota (depart. secretary)


Fax: (+385) 16156880

Prof. Koraljka Posavec (Head of Depart.) kposavec@ffzg.hr










University of Rijeka  Department of History 



Department of Pedagogy

Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci, Odsjek za povijest /or/ Odsjek za pedagogiju

Sveučilišna avenija 4, 51000 Rijeka

Gordana Dželalija (depart. secretary)gdzelalija@ffri.hrProf. Darko Dukovski (Head of Depart.)



Vesna Blažičević (depart. secretary)


Prof. Branko Rafajac (Head of Depart.)




University of Split Department of HistorySveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski Fakultet, Odsjek za povijest (Put iza nove bolnice 10c, Klerikat)Sinjska 2, 21000 Split


Department of Teacher Education

Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski Fakultet, Odsjek za učiteljski studij

Teslina 12, 21000 Split

Vesela Ljubičić (depart. secretary)vljubicic@ffst.hrMarko Trogrlić (Head of Depart.)



Snježana Lauš (depart. secretary)


Irena Mišurac (Head of Depart.)

irenavz@ffst.hr & Irena.Misurac@ffst.hr





Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Department of HistorySveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Filozofski Fakultet, Odsjek za povijestLorenza Jägera 9, 31000 Osijek Prof. Ivan Baltaibalta@ffos.hrIvana Jurcevic (assist. prof.)


Sergei Filipobić (assist.)


Juraj Dobrila University of Pula Department of HistorySveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, Odjel za humanističke znanosti, Odsjek za povijestIvana Matetića Ronjgova 1, 52100 Pula


Department of Ancient and Medieval History

(Katedra za Staru i Srednjovjekovnu Povijest)


Department of Educational Sciences

Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, Odjel za odgojne i obrazovne znanosti

Ronjgova 1, 52100 Pula

Igor Duda (Head of Depart.) igor.duda@unipu.hrDepart. email: povijest@unipu.hr


Prof. Robert Matijašić (Head of Depart.)



Ivana Lišnić (depart. secretary)


Mirjana Radetić-Paić (Head of Depart.)


Ivana Paula Gortan-Carlin (Head of Depart. of Teacher Education)

gortancarlin@gmail.com & igcarlin@unipu.hr







National and University Library Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u ZagrebuHrvatske Bratske Zajednice 4, 10000 Zagreb Zagorka Majstorović (Library Adviser for ‘basic activities,academic/specialized libraries’): zmajstorovic@nsk.hrFax: (+385) 16164186 

Email for ‘school libraries’: vcelic@nsk.hr

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Izjava Hrvatske Akademije Znanosti I UmjetnostiZrinski trg 11, 10000 Zagreb General email: kabpred@hazu.hrGeneral fax: (+358) 14819979  http://info.hazu.hr/en/about_academy/foundation_of_academy/
Croatian History Teachers’ Association NO NAME GIVENKlaićeva 1, 10000 ZAGREB  Kresimir Erdelja (Contact Person)(email link not working) 

Tamara Jankovic (President)


Slovenia University of Ljubljana Department of HistoryUniverza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za zgodovinoAškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana





Department of Educational Sciences

Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za pedagogiko in andragogiko

Aškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Jasna Vanček (depart. secretary)jasna.vancek@ff.uni-lj.siProf. Danijela Trškan (Head of Depart.)



Depart. email: info.zgodovina@ff.uni.lj.si

Depart. fax: (+386) 12459337


Nevenka Princes (depart. secretary)


Sabina Jelenc Krašovec (Head of Depart.)






University of Maribor Department of HistoryUniverza v Mariboru, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za zgodovinoKoroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor Prof. Darko Friš (Head of Depart.)darko.fris@um.siAnton Ravnikar (Medievalist)


University of Primorska Department of HistoryUniverza na Primorskem, Fakulteta za humanistične študije, Oddelek za zgodovinoTitov trg 5, 6000 Koper Prof. Jože Pirjevec (Head of Depart.)joze.pirjevec@fhs.upr.siMiha Preinfalk  (medieval / early modern scholar) miha.preinfalk@fhs.upr.si

Prof. Darja Mihelič (Medievalist)


Fax: (+386) 14257801


Faculty email: info@fhs.upr.si

Faculty fax: (+386) 56637742

National and University Library Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnicaTurjaška ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana  General email: info@nuk.uni-lj.siGeneral fax: (+386) 14257293 http://www.nuk.uni-lj.si/http://www.nuk.uni-lj.si/nuk1.asp?id=117220705 (Contact us)
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnostiNovi trg 3, 1000 Ljubljana General email: sazu@sazu.siGeneral fax: (+386) 14253423  http://www.sazu.si/kontakt.html
Slovenian History Teachers’ Association Društvo učiteljev zgodovine slovenijeAškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana Jelka Razpotnik (Contact Person)jelka.razpotnik2@guest.arnes.si 

General email: duzs@drustvo-ucit-zgodovine.si


Romania 1 Decembrie 1918 University, Alba Iulia Department of History, Archaeology, and MuseologyUniversitatea 1 Decembrie 1918 din Alba Iulia, Departamentul de Istorie Arheologie MuzeologieStr. Nicolae Iorga, Nr. 11-13, 510009 Alba Iulia Prof. Mihai Gligor (Head of Depart.)mihai.gligor@uab.ro & m_gligor@yahoo.comDepart. email: secretariat_istorie@uab.ro & diam@uab.ro

Depart. fax: (+40) 258 806260

University of Bucharest Faculty of HistoryUniversitatea din București, Facultatea de IstorieBd. Regina Elisabeta 4-12 Sector 5, 030018 Bucureşti Depart. email: secretariat@istorie.unibuc.roDepart. fax: (+40) 213 100680 http://www.unibuc.ro/facultati/istorie/
Babeș-Bolyai University Department of Medieval, Premodern, and Art HistoryUniversitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Facultatea de Istorie şi Filosofie, Departamentul de Istorie Medievală, Premodernă şi Istoria ArteStr. Kogălniceanu nr.1, 400084 Cluj-Napoca Virgil Ionut Costea (Head of Depart.)costea06@yahoo.com http://hiphi.ubbcluj.ro/departamente/medie.html
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Department of Medieval Romanian and Universal HistoryUniversitatea ‘Al.I.Cuza’ din Iaşi, Facultatea de Istorie, Departamentul de Istorie medievală a românilor şi universalăB-dul Carol I Nr.11, 700506 Iaşi Prof. Laurenţiu Rădvan (Head of Depart., Medievalist)radvan@uaic.ro & radvan_laur@yahoo.comFax: (+40) 232 201156

Prof. Alexandru-Florin Platon (Medievalist)


Bogdan-Petru Maleon (Medievalist)



Valeria Mihăilă (Hist. fac. secretary)


Maria-Loredana Nistor (Hist. fac. secretary)


General fac. email: istorie@uaic.ro

Fac. fax: (+40) 232 201156







University of Oradea Department of HistoryUniversitatea din Oradea, Facultatea de Istorie, Relatii Internationale, Stiinte Politice si Stiintele Comunicarii, Departamentul de IstorieStrada Universităţii nr.1, Campus II, pav. V, parter, 410087 Oradea, jud. Bihor Florin Sfrengeu (Head of Depart.)florinsfrengeu@yahoo.comDepart. fax: (+40) 259 408443 http://istorieoradea.com/contact/
National Library of Romania Biblioteca Nationala a RomanieiBucureşti, Bd.Unirii nr.22, sector 3, 030833 București General email: biblioteca@bibnat.ro http://www.bibnat.ro/Contact-s11-ro.htm
Romanian Academy of Sciences Academia de Științe din România125, Calea Victoriei, sector 1, 010071 Bucharest Elena Solunca (Contact Person)solunca@acad.roCornelia Lepadatu (Contact Person)


General fax: (+40) 121 16608


Prof. Alexandru Vulpe (President of the branch for ‘Historical Sciences and Archaeology’)





Association of History Teachers from Romania NO NAME GIVENPO BOX 20-79Bucharest 20  030620 Romania


Societatea de Siinte Istorice din Romania Facultatea de Istorie, Parter

Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta No. 13, 30017 Bucharest 3

Manea Mihai (President & Contact Person)manea.mihai@gmail.com 


Alexandru Barnea (Contact Person)


Alternative email: ssi_r@yahoo.com

Moldova Moldova State University Department of Romanian & universal History, and ArchaeologyUniversitatea de Stat din Moldova, Facultatea de Istorie şi Filosofie,  Departamentul Istoria Românilor, Universală şi ArheologieStr. Alexei Mateevici, Nr. 60, bloc central, 2009 Chişinău Depart. email: catedraistoriaromanilor@yahoo.comEugenia Răileanu (Hist./Philos. fac. secretary)


Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University Faculty of history and ethnopedagogyUniversitatea Pedagogică de Stat ‘I. Creangă’, Facultatea Istorie și EtnopedagogieStr. I. Creangă, nr. 1, 2069 Chişinău Sergiu Musteață  (Dean of Hist./Ethno. Fac.) sergiu.musteata@upsc.md http://www.upsc.md/new/?page_id=2071
National Library of Moldova Biblioteca Naţională a Republicii MoldovaStr. 31 August 1989, nr. 78-A, 2012 Chişinău Vera Osoianu (Deputy director of research and development)vera.osoianu@bnrm.md 

General email: biblioteca@bnrm.md

General fax: (+373) 2222 1475



Academy of Science of Moldova Institute of HistoryInstitutul de Istorie al Academiei de Ştiinţe a MoldoveiStr. 31 August 1989, 82, 2012 Chişinău Hist. Inst. email: director@history.asm.md 

Valentin Constantinov (historian at the Department of Medieval History of the Academy)


Bosnia & Hercegovina  University of Banja Luka Department of HistoryUniverzitet u Banjoj Luci, Filozofski fakultet, Odsjek: HistorijaBulevar vojvode Petra Bojovića, 1A, 78000 Banja Luka Oleg Soldat (Contact Person, CEU alumnus)olegsoldat@gmail.comPhilo. fac. email: fil.fakultet@blic.net

Philo. fac. fax: (+387) 5132 2790

University of Tuzla Department of HistoryUniverzitet u Tuzli, Filozofski fakultet, Odsjek: HistorijaDr. Tihomila Markovića 1, 75000 Tuzla Depart. email: adnan.jahic@yahoo.com & alen.salihovic@untz.ba 

Midhat Spahić (Medievalist)


Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton Pedagoški zavod Tuzlanskog kantonaBosne srebrene 119, 75000 Tuzla Zineta Topčagić (secretary)sekretar@pztz.baMidhat Spahić (Medievalist)


Prof. Nikola Čiča (Director)



General email: pztz@pztz.ba

General fax: (+387) 3532 0221

University of Sarajevo Department of HistoryFilozofski fakultet u Sarajevu, Odsjeka za historijuFranje Račkog 1, 71000 Sarajevo Esad Kurtović (Medievalast)NO EMAIL GIVEN, but on Academia.edu:https://unsa-ba.academia.edu/EsadKurtovi%C4%87


Philo. fac. email: dekanat@ff.unsa.ba

Philo. fac. fax: (+387) 3366 7873

Institute for History in Sarajevo Javna naučna ustanova Institut za istoriju SarajevoAlipašina br. 9, 71000 Sarajevo  Prof. Husnija Kamberović (Director)husnijak@bih.net.ba 

General email: nauka@bih.net.ba & institut.za.istoriju@bih.net.ba

General fax: (+387) 3321 7263

National and University Library of BiH Nacionalna i univerzitetska biblioteka Bosne i HercegovineZmaja od Bosne 8b, 71000 Sarajevo Office of the Director:ured.direktora@nub.baFax: (+387) 3321 8431 http://www.nub.ba/index.php/kontakt
Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina Akademija nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i HercegovineBistrik 7, 71000 Sarajevo Amra Avdagić (secreatary)aavdagic@anubih.ba 

General email: akademija@anubih.ba

General fax: (+387) 3356 0703

Bosnia EUROCLIO-HIP EUROCLIO-HIPZmaja od Bosne 5, 71 000 Sarajevo Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic (Contact Person)bojana@ccibh.org 

General email: cliohipbih@gmail.com


Melisa Forić (secretary)


Serbia  University of Belgrade Department of HistoryUniverzitet u Beogrаdu, Filozofski fаkultet, Istorijа
Čikа Ljubinа 18-20, 11000 Beogrаd
Jelena Paunović-Štermenski (depart. secretary)jpaunovi@f.bg.ac.rsProf. Nikola Samardžić (Head of Depart.)


Katarina Kovačević (depart. librarian)



Đorđe Bubalo (Medievalist)


Jelena Mrgić (Medievalist)

jmrgic@f.bg.ac.rs & jmrgic@yahoo.com

Vlada Stanković (Byzantinist)


Maja Nikolić (Byzantinist)


University of Novi Sad Department of HistoryUniverzitet u Novom Sadu, Filozofski fаkultet, Odsek za istorijuDr Zorana Đinđića 2, 21000 Novi Sad


Depart. email: istorija@ff.uns.ac.rsDejan Mikavica (Head of Depart.)mikavica@ff.uns.ac.rs

Sava Živanović (Depart. librarian)



Vesna Manojlović-Nikolić (Med. Archaeologist)


Snežana Božanić (Medievalist)


Boris Stojkovski (Medievalist, Byzantinist)


University of Niš Department of HistoryУниверзитет у Нишу, Филозофски факултет, Департман за историјуЋирила и Методија 2, 18000 Ниш Prof. Ema Miljkovic Bojanic (Head of Depart.)ema.miljkovic@filfak.ni.ac.rs 

Vladimir Aleksic (Medievalist)


University of Pristina Department of HistoryУниверзитет у Приштини, Филозофски факултет, Катедра за историјуФилипа Вишњића бб.

38220 Косовска Митровица

Dalibor Elezović (depart. secretary)dalibor.elezovic@pr.ac.rsProf. Mark Atlagić (Head of Depart.)


National Library of Serbia Narodna biblioteka SrbijeSkerliceva 1, 11000 Belgrade General email: nbs@nb.rs https://www.nb.rs/misc/contact.php
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Српска академија наука и уметностиКнез Михаилова 35, 11000 Београд Email for the ‘Depart. of Historical Sciences’:oidn@sanu.ac.rs http://www.sanu.ac.rs/English/Kontakt.aspx
Association for Social History (Serbia) Udruženje za društvenu istoriju (prof. dr Milan Ristović), Filozofski fakultet
Čika Ljubina 18-20, 11000 Belgrade
General email: office@udi.rs http://www.udi.rs/about.asp
Monte-negro,  University of Montenegro Department of HistoryUniverzitet Crne Gore, Filozofski Fakultet, IstorijaDanila Bojovića bb, 81400 Niksic


Marijan Premović (Medievalist)premovicmarijan@yahoo.com & marijanp@ac.meDyer Jovović (Medievalist)



Philos. faculty email: ff@ac.me

Historical Institute of Montenegro Istorijski institut Crne GoreBulevar Revolucije br. 5, 81000 Podgorica Jelena Djukanovic (secretary)jelena.djukanovic78@gmail.com 

General email: ii@ac.me

General fax: (+382) 20 241 336

National Library of Montenegro ‘Đurđe Crnojević’ CNB ‘Đurđe Crnojević’Bulevar crnogorskih junaka br.163, 81250 Cetinje General email:  info@cnb.me http://www.cnb.me/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=130&Itemid=102&lang=sr
Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts Crnogorska akademija nauka i umjetnostiUlica Rista Stijovića 5, 81000 Podgorica General email: canu@canu.ac.meGeneral fax: (+382) 20 655 451 http://www.canu.ac.me/index.php/kontakt
History Teachers Association of Monte-negro Istorijski institut (HIPMONT)Bulevar Revolucije 3, 81000  Podgorica Milos Vukanovic (Contact Person)milosvukanovic86@gmail.comFax: (+382) 81241336 http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/montenegro-hipmont
Albania University of Tirana Department of HistoryUniversiteti i Tiranës, Fakulteti i Historise dhe Filologjise, Departamenti i HistorisëRruga e Elbasanit, 1000 Tiranë Depart. email: meritahasimllari@fhf.edu.alHist. fac. email:  info.fhf@fhf.edu.al

Hist. fac. fax: (+355) 423 69987

The National Library of Albania Biblioteka Kombëtare e ShqipërisëSheshi Skënderbej, 1000 Tirana Adel Qose (secretary)sekretaria.bk@gmail.comFax: (+355) 422 23843 http://www.bksh.al/kontakte.html
Academy of Sciences of Albania Akademia e Shkencave e ShqipërisëSheshi ‘Fan Noli’, Tiranë General email: vasil.tole@akad.gov.alGeneral fax: (+355) 422 27476 http://www.akad.gov.al/ash/kontakt
Albanian History Teachers Association ALBNA ‘Youth and History’NO ADRESS GIVEN Liljana Guga (Contact Person)lilianaguga@hotmail.com http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/albania-albna-full-members-453
Bulgaria American University in Bulgaria Department of History and CivilizationsAmerican University in Bulgaria, Department of History and Civilizations1 Georgi Izmirliev Sq, 2700 Blagoevgrad Prof. Pierangelo Castagneto (Head of Depart.)pcastagneto@aubg.bgSerguey Ivanov (Medievalist)


Plovdiv University Department of History and ArchaeologyПловдивски университет, Философско-исторически факултет, Катедра ‘История и археология’ул. Цар Асен 24 (Ректорат, ет. 2, каб. 256 а), 4000 Пловдив Ivan Hristov Djambov (Head of Depart., Medievalist)djambov@uni-plovdiv.bgProf. Mirena Slavova (Classical Philologist, Byzantinist)


Ilka Lyubenova Petkova (Medievalist, Byzantinist)


Rumiana Komsalov (Medievalist)


Stoyan Popov (Medieval Archaeologist)


‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ University of Sofia Department of the History of Byzantium and the Balkan nationsСофийски университет ‘Св. Климент Охридски’, Исторически факултет, Катедра история на Византия и балканските народиБул. Цар Освободител № 15, стая 40А, 1504 София Hristov Purvev (Head of Depart.)parvev@clio.uni-sofia.bg 

Depart. email: cliohist@clio.uni-sofia.bg

Depart. fax: (+359) 946 30 22


The St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo Department of Old and Medieval HistoryВеликотърновски университет ‘Св. св. Кирил и Методий’, Исторически Факултет, Катедра ‘Стара и средновековна история’Т.Търновски 2, 5003 Велико Търново Ralitsa Todorova Katsarkova (depart. secretary)r.katsarkova@uni-vt.bgIvan Kostadinov Lazarov Head of Depart.)


South-West University ‘Neofit Rilski’ Department of HistoryЮгозападен университет ‘Неофит Рилски’,  Правно-исторически факултет, Катедра ‘История’ул. Иван Михайлов 66, 2700 Благоевград Prof. Kalin Porozhanov (Head of Depart.)kalinsp@swu.bg http://www.swu.bg/university-profile/faculties/law-and-history/departments/history.aspx
Constantine of Preslav University of Shumen Department of History and ArchaeologyШуменски университет, Факултет по Хуманитарни науки, История И Археологияул. Университетска 115 (Корпус 1, кабинет 301), 9712 гр. Шумен


Todor Rajchev  Todorov (Head of Depart., Medievalist)todor_todorov02@yahoo.comProf. Ivan Yordanov Yordanov (Medievalist, Byzantinist)


Prof. Stoyan Vitlyanov Stoyanov (Medieval Archaeologist)

stoyan@shu-bg.net & sto2004@abv.bg

St. St. Cyril & Methodius National Library Национална библиотека ‘Свети Свети Кирил и Методий’бул. Васил Левски 88, 1037 София Violeta Bozhkova (secretary)secretary@nationallibrary.bgFax: (+359) 2843 5495 http://www.nationallibrary.bg/cgi-bin/e-cms/vis/vis.pl?s=001&p=0027&n=&vis=
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Българска Академия на науките, (oтдел ‘международна дейност, оперативниПрограми и проекти’)ул. 15 ноември 1, 1040 София


Veneta Nikolova (Head of Depart.: ‘International Affairs, operational programmes and projects’)veneta@cu.bas.bgFax: (+359) 2986 2523


Nikola  Jablianov (Chief Expert in same depart.)


Fax: (+359) 2988 0448

Bulgarian History Teachers’ Association сдружение на преподавателите по история в българияTzar Boris III Blvd. 224, 1619  Sofia (uncertain


Bistra Stoimenova (Presid. & Contact Person)stoimenovabistra@gmail.com 


Prof. Rumyana Kusheva (Repres. of the Assocation Board)


Mace-donia Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje Department of HistoryУниверзитет ‘Св. Кирил и Методиј’ во Скопје, Филозофски факултет, Историјабул. Гоце Делчев бр. 9A, 1000 Скопје





Institute of National History

Институт за национална историја

ул. Глигор Прличев бр. 3, 1000 Скопје

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Graduate students of the Department of Medieval Studies at the Central European University have compiled this – partially annotated – bibliography in the years 2004-5, comprising references to the library holdings in Budapest. While it is in that sense limited, it contains a more or less complete and informative list of printed sources of the countries of the region – published before 2005. Owing to the fact that several people worked on it and it was meant to be a preliminary draft, coverage is uneven and formatting is often faulty and inconsistent (and difficult to correct), but that should not deduct from its usefulness. Members are welcome to add or correct data! Minor corrections/additions can be sent as Comment (at the end). For major editing, you have to be given “Administrator” status: contact the webmaster (mecern@ceu.edu) for authorization.




ANUBiH        Akademija nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine [Academy of Science and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina], Sarajevo

AöG                Archiv für österreichische Geschichte

BAN               Bulgarska akademija na naukite [Bulgarian Academy of Sciences], Sofia

FHB                Fontes historiae Bulgaricae

FRA-D            Fontes rerum Austriacarum – Diplomataria

HAZU             Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti [Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts], Zagreb (see JAZU)

JAZU              Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti [Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts], Zagreb (see HAZU)

MHH-D          Monumenta Hungariae historica – Diplomataria

MHJSM         Monumenta historico-juridica Slavorum meridionalium

MSHSM         Monumenta spectantia historiam Slavorum meridionalium

MTA              Magyar Tudományos Akadémia [Hungarian Academy of Sciences], Budapest

MTAK                       Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Könyvtára [Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences], Budapest

MTA TTI       Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, Történettudományi Intézete [Institute of History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences], Budapest

MTHSMI       Monumenta Turcica historiam Slavorum meridionalium illustrantia

OSzK              Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár [Széchenyi National Library], Budapest

SANU             Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti [Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts], Beograd

SAZU             Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti [Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts], Ljubljana

VzS                 Viri za zgodovino Slovencev [The Sources for the History of Slovenians]

ZIJKSN          Zbornik za istoriju, jezik i književnost srpskog naroda [The Review for the History, Language, and Literature of the Serbian People]






Ludovicus de Thallóczy, Constantinus Jireček, Emilianus de Sufflay eds. Acta et diplomata res Albaniae mediae aetatis, 2 vols. Vienna: Holzhausen, 1913-18 OSzK 403.071MTAK   417.397 period: 344-1406 y.introduction + 1647 docs. mainly from Naples, Venice, Dubrovnik, & Vatican
Josepho Valentini ed. Acta Albaniae Veneta saeculorum XIV et XV, 24 vols. Munich: Trofenik in Komm., 1967-77 OSzK 3.515/n. of ser.MTAK 481.757/n. of ser. period: 1-4. 14th c.; 5-17. 15th c.; 18-24. period of Skanderbegapp. 7300 extracts from Venician archives + index: persons & places




Daniele Farlati, Jacopo Coleti Illyricum sacrumEcclesia Diocletana, Antibarensis, Dyrrhachiensis et Sirmiensis, cum earum suffraganeis (vol. 7) Venice, 1817 OSzK 27.117 period: 4th – 18th c.the history of Albanian Catholic dioceses + biographies of their bishops + corresp. with the papacy + synodal decreta…
Ignatius Parrino ed. Acta Albaniae Vaticana res Albaniae saeculorum XIV et XV atque cruciatam spectantia Rome: Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 1971 OSzK 44.669MTAK 805.114 period: 14th-15th c.introduction + letters from the popes: Calixtus III, Pius II, & Paulus II + regist.




Marinus Barletius Historia de vita et gestis Scanderbegi, Epirotarum principis Rome: B. V. de Vitalibus, 1508-10 Þ Straßburg, 1537:MTAK 716.148;Zagreb, 1743:OSzK 271.750;Tirana, 1967:OSzK OC 35.846; MTAK 806.629 period: 1405 – 1468 y.the best work of (Catholic priest from Skutari) Barletius;ed. from Tirana: Albanian transl. +   Latin text + critical apparatus + good bibliography









Sándor Horváth – Lajos Thallóczy Codex diplomaticus partium regno Hungariae adnexarum – comitatuum Dubicza, Orbasz et Szana MHH-D 36 Budapest: MTA, 1912 OSzK   72.874 / 1 / 36MTAK       237.815 / 36 period: 1244-1710 y.diff. kinds of docs. from archives of Vienna, Graz, Budapest, Zagreb: corresp. + privileges + rapports … + very good introd. chapter + registers
Sandor Horváth – Lajos Thallóczy Codex diplomaticus partium regno Hungariae adnexarum – Banatus, castrum et oppidum Jajcza, MHH-D 40 Budapest: MTA, 1915 OSzK   72.874 / 1 / 40MTAK       237.820 / 40 period: 1450-1527 y.diff. kinds of docs from archives of Vienna, Graz, Budapest, Zagreb: corresp. + privileges + rapports … + very good introd. chapter + index: persons & places




Eusebije Fermendžin ed. Acta Bosnae potissimum ecclesiastica cum insertis editorum documentorum regestis ab anno 925 usque ad annum 1752, vol. 1, MSHSM 23 Zagreb: JAZU, 1892 OSzK 27.795/23MTAK 193.751/23 period: 925-1752 y.diff. kinds of docs. from Catholic dioceses which were partly on the territory of med. Bosnian Kingdom: extracts from the biographies of their bishops, corresp. with the papacy, synodal decreta…


Coll. of inscriptions


Marko Vego ed. Zbornik srednjovjekovnih natpisa Bosne i Hercegovine [The Collection of the Medieval Inscriptions from Bosnia and Herzegovina] Sarajevo: Zemaljski muzej, 1962-4 OSzK 37.200MTAK 352.133 period: 12th – 16th c.crit. ed.; good introd. chapter + bibliography + index: persons & places




Hazim Šabanović Krajište Isa-bega Ishakovića [The Region of Isa-beg Ishaković], MTHSMI 3, Defteri 1 Sarajevo: ANUBiH, 1964 MTAK 401.101 period: 1455 y.Bosnian transl. of this defter + introd. + index: persons & places
H. Hadžibegić, A. Handžić, E. Kovačević Oblast Brankovića [The Region of Branković], MTHSMI 3, Defteri 2 Sarajevo: ANUBiH, 1972 MTAK 733.723 period: 1455 y.Bosnian transl. of this defter + introd.       + bibliography + index: persons & places + Engl. summary

See the list of Croatia: Šime Ljubić, Listine o odnošajih; Tadija Smičiklas, Codex diplomaticus; Daniele Farlati, Illyricum sacrum; Ferdo Šišić, Letopis popa Dukljanina;

See the list of Serbia: Franc Miklošič, Monumenta Serbica; Medo Pucić, Spomenici sr’bski; Ljubomir Stojanović, Stari srpski zapisi



Ivan Dujčev et al. Fontes Graeci historiae Bulgaricae, vol. 1, FHB 1 (1954), vol. 2, FHB 3 (1958), vol. 3, FHB 6 (1960), vol. 4, FHB 8 (1961), vol. 5, FHB 9 (1964), vol. 6, FHB 11 (1965), vol. 7, FHB 14 (1968), vol. 8, FHB 15 (1972), vol. 9, FHB 19 (1974), vol. 10, FHB 22 (1980), vol. 11, FHB 25 (1983) Sofia: BAN, 1954— OSzK 29.010/n. of ser.MTAK 920.006/n. of ser. period: 3rd c. —crit. ed. + Bulgarian transl. + orig. texts; diff. kinds of Byz. sources: extracts from chron. + hist. + annals + lives + the works of mil. strategy & tactiks + corresp… + very good bibliography + index: persons & places
Ivan Dujčev et al. Fontes Latini historiae Bulgaricae, vol. 1, FHB 2 (1958), vol. 2, FHB 7 (1960), vol. 3, FHB 12 (1965), vol. 4, FHB 24 (1985) Sofia: BAN, 1958— OSzK 29.010/n. of ser.MTAK 920.012/n. of ser. period: 7th c.—crit. ed. + Bulgarian transl. + orig. texts; diff. kinds of Lat. sources: extracts from chron. + hist. + annals + lives + corresp… + very good bibliography + registers
Hristo Gandev et al. Fontes Turcici historiae Bulgaricae, vol. 1, FHB 4 (1959), vol. 2, FHB 5 (1960) Sofia: BAN, 1959— OSzK 29.010/n. of ser. period: 15th c.—crit. ed. + Bulgarian transl. + orig. texts; diff. kinds of Turk. sources: extracts from chron. + the works of mil. strategy & tactiks + defters + corresp… + very good bibliography + registers



Eusebije Fermendžin ed. Acta Bulgariae ecclesiastica, vol. 1, MSHSM 18 Zagreb: JAZU, 1887 OSzK 27.795/18MTAK 193.751/ 18 period: —1799 y.
Ivan Dujčev ed. Bolonski psalti [The Psalter from Bologna] Sofia: BAN, 1968 OSzK OD 25.711MTAK 440.542 period: 13th c.introduction + facsimiles of the manuscript + bibliography
Jordan Ivanov Bogumilski knigi i legendi [Books and Legends of Bogumiles] Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose, 1976 OSzK OC 50.709 period: 11th – 13th c.




Ivan Dujčev ed. Letopista na Konstantin Manasi [Chronicle of Konstantinos Manasses] Sofia: BAN, 1963 OSzK OD 23.493MTAK     286.812 period: 14th c. (Byz. orig. from 12th c.)introduction + facsimiles of the manuscript + bibliography


Coll. of manuscripts


Hristo Kodov Catalogus manuscriptorum Slavicorum quae in Bibliotheca Academiae Scientiarum Bulgaricae osservantur Sofia: BAN, 1969 OSzK OD 27.015MTAK 462.290 period: 11th – 19th c.coll. (app. 120) of the Bulgarian Academy + bibliography




Ivan Sipkov, Vladimir Gsovski Legal Sources and Bibliography of Bulgaria New York: Praeger 1956 OSzK OC 23.586 app. 900 titles


Coll. of inscriptions


Veselin Beševliev Spätgriechische und spätlateinische Inschriften aus Bulgarien, Berliner byzantinische Arbeiten 30 Berlin, 1964 OSzK OC 31.580MTAK 293.577





Metodije Sokoloski, Aleksandar Stojanovski eds. Turski dokumenti za istorijata na makedonskiot narod. Opširen popisen defter. Documents turc sur l’histoire du peuple macédonien. Grand regidtre de recensement, vol. 1 Skopje: Arhiv na Makedonija, 1971 MTAK 481.866 period: 1467-8 .
Vladimir Mošin, Lidija Slaveva et al. Slovenski rakopisi vo Makedonija [The Slavic Manuscripts in Macedonia], 2 vols. Skopje: Arhiv na Makedonija, 1971 MTAK 811.524 period: 11th – 19th c.


Ašer Chananel, Eli Eškenazi Fontes Hebraici ad res oeconomicas socialesque terrarum Balcanicarum…, ed. by D. Angelov, T. St. Tomov Sofia: BAN, 1958 MTAK 716.598 period: 16th c.


See the list of Bulgaria: Ivan Dujčev, Fontes Graeci; item, Fontes Latini; Hristo Gandev, Fontes Turcici; Jordan Ivanov, Bogumilski knigi; Ivan Sipkov, Legal Sources;

See the list of Serbia: Božidar Ferjančić, Fontes byzantini; Ljubomir Stojanović, Katalog rukopisa; item, Stari srpski zapisi






Iohannes Lucius (Goivanni Lucio, Ivan Lučić) De regno Dalmatiae et Croatiae libri sex Amsterdam, 1666; Vindobonae: Typ. Trattner, 1758 OSzK 503.217         MTAK   553.598 period: 7th – 15th c.the best work of J. Lucius; very important work because it preserved many docs. from local archives as transcrip.
Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski “Rapporti della Republica Veneta con Slavi meridionali. Brani tratti dei diarij manoscritti di Marino Sanudo”, Arkiv za povjestnicu Jugoslavensku (APJ) 5 (1859), APJ 6 (1863), APJ 8 (1865), APJ 12 (1875). Zagreb, 1859-75 OSzK H 23.303 for the years 1851-1863.OSzK   H 23.304 for the years 1851-1852; 1865; 1868-1869; 1872; 1875. period: 1449-1528 y.extracts from the manuscript of Marino Sanudo which are concerning the territory of Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, and Albania
Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski Acta Croatica – Hrvatske listine Zagreb, 1863 OSzk M223.054 MTAK   275.936 period: 1288-1599 y.docs (app. 290) from archives of Dubrovnik, Rab, Split, Zadar, Zagreb…
Šime Ljubić ed. Listine o odnošajih između Južnog Slavenstva i mletačke republike [The Documents about Relations between South Slavic Peoples and the Republic of Venice], vol. 1, MSHSM 1 (1867), vol. 2, MSHSM 2 (1870), vol. 3, MSHSM 3 (1872), vol. 4, MSHSM 4 (1874), vol. 5, MSHSM 5 (1875), vol. 6, MSHSM 9 (1878), vol. 7, MSHSM 12 (1882), vol. 8, MSHSM 17 (1886), vol. 9, MSHSM 21 (1890), vol. 10, MSHSM 22 (1891). Zagreb: JAZU, 1867-91 OSzK 27.795/n. of ser.MTAK 193.751/ n. of ser. period: 960-1469 y.diff. kinds of docs: legal, eccles., polit., econom… + registers
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Franjo Rački ed. Documenta historiae Croaticae periodum antiquam illustrantia, vol. 1, MSHSM 7 Zagreb: JAZU, 1877 as above period: 548-1102 y.diff. kinds of docs: legal, eccles., polit., econom…+ extracts from chron., hist., annals., lives, the works of mil. strategy     + introduction + registers
Antal Hodinka, Lajos Thallíczy eds. Codex diplomaticus partium regno Hungariae adnexarum – A horvat véghelyek oklevéltára, MHH-D 31 Budapest: MTA, 1904 OSzK 72.874/1/31MTAK 237.815/31 period: 1490-1527 y.diff. kinds of milit. docs. from archives of Vienna, Graz, Ljubljana, Zagreb, and Budapest: rapports, letters, commands etc. about Croatian/Turkish frontier region + good introd. chapter + registers
Tadija Smičiklas et al. Codex diplomaticus regni Croatiae, Slavoniae et Dalmatiae, 18 vols. Zagreb: JAZU, 1904-90 OSzK M 28.111/ n. of vol.MTAK 434.956/ 1, 16-18MTAK 182.620/ 2-15 period: 743-1399 y.diff. kinds of docs. (app. 9400) from the archives of Vatican, Venice, Vienna, Budapest ets: legal, eccles., polit., econom…+ extracts from chron., hist., annals., lives, the works of mil. strategy     + introductions + registers




Daniele Farlati, Jacopo Coleti Illyricum sacrum, vol. 1-6 Venice, 1751-1819 OSzK 27.117 period: 4th – 18th c.the history of Catholic dioceses which were on the territory of today’s Croatia and Bosnia + biographies of their bishops + corresp. with the papacy + synodal decreta…
Ivan K. Tkalčić, Andrija Lukinović ed. Monumenta historica episcopatus zagrabiensis – Diplomata, 6 vols. Zagreb, 1873— OSzK 617.102MTAK 202.938/1-2 period: 1134-1440 y.
Viktor Novak ed. Chartulare Jadertinum monasterii Sanctae Mariae Zagreb: JAZU, 1959 OSzK OC36.760 period: —12th c.




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Chronica Ragusina Junii Restii (ab origine urbis usque ad annorum 1451) item Ioannis Gundulae, Scriptores vol. 2, MSHSM 25 Zagreb: JAZU, 1893 as above period: —1484 .
Franjo Rački ed. Thomas archidiaconus: Historia Salonitana, Scriptores vol. 3, MSHSM 26 Zagreb: JAZU, 1894 as above period: —13th c.
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Nada Klaić ed. Historia Salonitana maior Belgrade: Naučno delo, 1967 OSzK OC 34.827MTAK 426.269 period: 7th – 13th c.




Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski Jura regni Croatiae Dalmatiae et Slavoniae Zagreb, 1861-1862 OSzK 300.128 OSzK 274.859 MTAK   102.085 period: 6th – 16th c.
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Šime Ljubić ed. Statuta et leges civitatis Buduae, civitatis Scardonae et civitatis et insulae Lesinae, MHJSM 3 (1883). as above as above period: —15th c.
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Ivan Strohal ed. Statutum et reformationes civitatis Tragurii, MHJSM 10 (1915). as above as above period: 1320-66 y.


Coll. of manuscripts

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Coll. of inscriptions


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Coll. of manuscripts


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Coll. of inscriptions

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Great Moravia


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Bohemia & Moravia


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period: 1419–1436
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Coll. of manuscripts


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Charter collections – General

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Gusztáv Wenzel ed. Codex diplomaticus Arpadianus continuatus Pest/Budapest, 1866-1899. Index ed. by N. Kovács Bp, 1889 OSzK, MTAK os, MTA TTI Period: up to 1301. Reliable, widely used.
Imre Nagy et al. Codex diplomaticus patrius (Hazai okmánytár). 8 vols. Győr/Budapest, 1865-1891 OSzK os, MTA TTI Period: whole MA, but less rich for the later centuries. Reliable.
Imre Nagy et al. Hazai oklevéltár 1234-1526 Budapest, 1879 OSzK, MTA TTI Various charters mostly from the Árpádian and Angevin period.
Imre Nagy et al. eds. Anjoukori okmánytár. Codex diplomaticus Andegavensis. 7 vols. Budapest, 1878-1920. OSzK, MTAK os. MTA TTI Period: 1301-1359. Latin charters in extenso, becoming more exhaustive in later volumes yet still very incomplete.
Gyula Kristó et al. Anjou-kori oklevéltár. Documenta res Hungaricas tempore regum Andegavensium illustrantia 1301-1387. Vols. I-V: 1301-20, VII: 1323, VIII: 1324, IX: 1325, XI: 1327, XXIII: 1339 Budapest-Szeged, 1990– in progress OSzK, MTAK os, MTA TTI Hungarian regesta, alas, not helpful for non-Hungarian speakers.
Wilhelm Altmann Die Urkunden K. Sigismunds (Regesta Imperii 11.) 2 vols. Innsbruck, 1896-1990 OSzK 28.603/11,MTAK 412.681 Very incomplete and not too reliable.
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József Teleki gr. Hunyadiak kora Magyarországon (The Age of the H. in Hungary). Vols. 10-12, Diplomatarium Pest, 1853-1857 Period: 1437-1498. Charters from Hungarian and Austrian archives.


Regional collections


Zsigmond Jakó Erdélyi Okmánytár (Charters illustrating the history of Transylvania) 1023-1300 Budapest: Akadémiai, 1997 Hungarian regesta of all charters conc. Transylvania up to 1300. To be continued.
Károly Szabó et al. Székely oklevéltár (Charters illustrating the history of the Székelys). Vols. 1-5. Kolozsvár, 1872-1896 Period: from 13th c. onwards.
F. Zimmermann et al. Urkundenbuch zur Geschichte der Deutschen in Siebenbürgen. 6 vols. Hermannstadt-Bucharest, 1892-1981 Period: 1191-1473. Collection of charters illustrating the history of Germans in Transylvania.
A. Fekete Nagy – L. Makkai Documenta historiam Valachorum in Hungaria illustrantia Budapest, 1941 Period: early 13th c. to 1400. Charters illustrating the hist. of Romanians in Hungary.
Richard Marsina Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris Slovaciae. Vol. 1. 805-1235; Vol. 2. 1235-60 Bratislava, 1971, 1987
Vincent Sedlák Regesta diplomatica necnon epistolaria Slovaciae. 2 vols. Bratislava, 1980-87 Period: 1301-1323. Charters conc. the history of present-day Slovakia.
Tadeus Smičiklas Codex diplomaticus regni Croatiae, Dalmatiae et Slavoniae. 18 vols. Zagreb, 1904-1990 Period: 743-1399. Best collection for the history of Slavonia.
L. Thallóczy – S. Horváth Alsó-szlavóniai okmánytár 1244-1710 Budapest, 1912 Charters illustrating the history of Slavonian counties Dubica, Orbász and Szana.


County archives (the most important ones)


Ferenc Kubinyi Oklevelek Hontvármegyei magán levéltárakból (Charters from private archives in county Hont) Budapest, 1888 Period: 1256-1399.
Frigyes Pesty Krassó vármegye története (History of Krassó county). III. Oklevéltár Budapest, 1882 Period: 1230-early 18th century
János Mihályi Máramarosi diplomák (Charters concerning the hist. of Máramaros county) Máramarossziget, 1900 Period: 1300-1500.
Imre Nagy Sopron vármegye története. Oklevélt. 2 vols. Sopron, 1889-1891 Period: 1156-1411.
Carolus Wagner Annalecta Scepusii sacri et profani. 4 vols. Leutschau, 1774-78 MTAK Papal, royal and other charters, narrative sources illustrating the history of the region of Szepesség (Spiš). Old but still used.
Frigyes Pesty A szörényi bánság és Szörény vármegye története (History of the banate and county of Severin/Szörény). Oklevéltár Budapest, 1878 Period: 1237-1578. Not always reliable.
Tivadar Ortvay Oklevelek Temesvármegye és Temesvár város történetéhez (Charters illustrating the history of Temes county and the town of Timişoara/Temesvár) Pozsony, 1896 Period: 1183-1430.
Imre Nagy et al. Zala vármegye története (The history of Zala county). Oklevéltár. 2 vols. Budapest, 1886-1890 Period: 1024-1498.




Augustinus Theiner Vetera monumenta historica Hungariam sacram illustrantia. 2 vols. Roma, 1859-60 Period: 1216-1526. Papal correspondence with Hungary.
Monumenta Vaticana historiam regni Hungarie illustrantia. Acta legationis cardinalis Gentilis 1307-1311 Budapest, 1885 Indispensable for early Angevin history in Hungary.
Monumenta Vaticana historiam regni Hungarie illustrantia. Bullae Bonifacii IX. P. M. 2 vols. Budapest, 1889 Period: 1389-1404.
Monumenta Vaticana historiam regni Hungarie illustrantia. Mátyás király levelezése a római pápákkal (The corresp. of King Matthias with the popes) Budapest, 1891 Period: 1458-1490.
Monumenta Vaticana historiam regni Hungarie illustrantia. Magyarországi pápai követek jelentései 1524-26 (Reports of papal envoys from Hungary) Budapest, 1884 Italian documents, very important for the late medieval Hungarian Kingdom.
Ferdinand Knauz – C. Lajos Dedek Monumenta ecclesie Strigoniensis. 4 vols. Esztergom-Budapest, 1874-1999 Period: 979-1358.
Lajos Erdélyi – Pongrác Sörös A pannonhalmi főapátság története (History of the Abbey of Pannonhalma) Vols 1-3. Budapest, 1902-1905 Period: 996-1535. Many charters published in each volume in the Appendix.
Pál Lukcsics A XV. századi pápák oklevelei (Papal charters from the 15th century). 2 vols. Budapest, 1931-1938




Sándor Kolosvári et al. Magyar törvénytár. Corpus Iuris Hungarici, Vol. 1. Budapest: Franklin-Révai, 1899 OSZK P 14.056 Period: 1000-1526. The „millenial edition”.
Franciscus Dőry et al.

Decreta Hungariae. Gesetze und Verordnungen Ungars, 2 vols. (1301-1490)

Budapest: Akadémiai, 1981, 1989 OSZK C 71.606 Period: 1. 1308-14572. 1458-1490
János M. Bak et al. The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Decreta Regni Medievalis Hungariae. Vols. 1-5 (1000-1526) Los Angeles-Salt Lake City-Bakersfield: Schlacks, 1989-2013 CEU-ELTE, OSZK KC 10.275 Period: 1000-1526


Family archives (still very important for the later MA in lack of systematic calendars such as Zsigmondkori O.)


Elemér Varjú – Béla Iványi Oklevéltár a Losonci Bánffy család történetéhez (Charters illustrating the history of the Losonci family) Budapest, 1908-1928 Period: 1214-1526.
L. Bártfai Szabó Oklevéltár a gróf Csáky család történetéhez (Charters illustrating the history of Csáky family). Vol. I. 1-2. Budapest, 1919 Period: 1229-1818.
B. Radvánszky – L. Závodszky A Héderváry-család oklevéltára (Charters of the Héderváry family). Vol. 1. Budapest, 1909 Period: 1231-1526.
A Nagykállói Kállay-család levéltára (Charters of the Kállay family) 2 vols. Budapest, 1943. Period: 1224-1386. One of the largest family archives in Hungarian regesta.
Kálmán Géresi A Nagy-Károlyi gróf Károlyi család oklevéltára (Charters of the Károlyi family). Vols 1-3. Budapest, 1882-1885 Period: 1253-1600.
Gyula Nagy A Nagymihályi és sztárai gróf Sztáray család oklevéltára. (Charters of the Sztáray family) 2 vols. Budapest, 1887-1889 Period: 1234-1457.
Imre Nagy et al. A zichi és vásonkeői gróf Zichy-család idősb ágának okmánytára (Charters of the Zichy family). 12 vols. Budapest, 1871-1931 MTAK os, MTA TTI One of the richest collections, especially for the later MA.
Iván Borsa A Balassa-család levéltára (Charters of the Balassa family) 1193-1526 Budapest, 1990 Excellent regesta of an important family collection, in Hungarian.
Iván Borsa A Justh-család levéltára (Charters of the Justh family) 1274-1525 Budapest, 1991 Excellent regesta of an important family collection, in Hungarian.


Municipal archives


Béla Iványi Bártfa szabad királyi város levéltára (Archives of the town of Bártfa/Berdejov) 1319-1526 Budapest, 1910  ?? Hungarian regesta with some Latin and German documents edited in extenso. Dating is not always reliable.
Béla Iványi Eperjes szabad királyi város levéltára (Archives of the town of Eperjes/Presov) 1245-1526 Szeged, 1931  ?? Hungarian regesta with some (German) documents printed in full. More reliable than the previous one.
Jenő Házi Sopron szabad királyi város története (History of the town of Sopron). Oklevelek. 7 vols. Sopron, 1921-1943 ?? Latin and German charters printed in extenso. One of the richest collections.
Archív mesta Bratislavy. Inventár stredovekych listín, listov a inych príbuznych pisomnosti Praha, 1956  ?? Short Slovakian regesta of the charters of the archives of Pozsony/Bratislava.
Joannes B. Tkalčić Monumenta historica lib. reg. civitatis Zagrabiae metropolis regni Dalmatiae, Croatiae et Slavoniae. Vol. I-XIV. Zagreb, 1889-1932 Indispensable for the history of Slavonia.
Zlatko Tanodi Monumenta historica liberae regiae civitatis Varasdini. Vol. I.Codex diplomaticus 1209-1526 Varaždin, 1942


Charter collections illustrating foreign relations of Hungary


Gusztáv Wenzel Magyar diplomácziai emlékek az Anjou-korból (Hungarian diplomatic monuments from the Angevin age). 3 vols. Budapest, 1874-1876 OSZK, MTAK os, MTA TTI Period: 1265-1420. Documents illustrating the foreign relations of Angevin Hungary, mostly from Italian archives.
Iván Nagy – Albert Nyári Magyar diplomácziai emlékek Mátyás király korából (Hungarian diplomatic monuments from the age of King Matthias). 4 vols. Budapest, 1875-1878 OSZK 72.874/4/B, MTAK os, MTA TTI
Lajos Thallóczy – Antal Áldássy A Magyarország és Szerbia közti összeköttetések oklevéltára (Charters illustrating the relations between Hungary and Serbia) 1198-1526 Budapest, 1907
János Gelcich Raguza és Magyarország összeköttetéseinek oklevéltára (Charters illustrating the relations between Ragusa and Hungary) Budapest, 1887 Rich material from Ragusan and Austrian archives. Latin and Italian.
Vilmos Fraknói Mátyás király levelei (The letters of King Matthias). 2 vols. Budapest, 1893-1895 Period: 1458-1490.

Some important special collections


Á. Friss, S. Scheiber et al. Magyar-zsidó oklevéltár (Charters illustrating the history of the Jews in Hungary) 15 vols. Budapest, 1903-1972 Besides vols I (1092-1539) and IV (1371-1564) vols V to XV also contain medieval charters.
László Tóth-Szabó A cseh-huszita mozgalmak és uralom története Magyarországon (History of the Hussite movement in Hungary) Budapest, 1917 In its Appendix contains a great number of charters illustrating the activity of Hussites in Upper Hungary.
A. Fekete Nagy et al. Monumenta rusticorum in Hungaria rebellium anno 1514 Budapest, 1979 Exhaustive and good collection of documents concerning the peasant revolt of 1514.


Slovakia and Transylvania are included; for Slavonia, Croatia and Dalmatia see Croatia.


Poland, Silesia, The State of the Teutonic Order, Lithuania, Livonia


General and Diplomatic


Leon Rzyszczewski, Antoni Muczkowski, Ludwik Bartoszewicz, Michał Bobowski, ed. Codex Diplomaticus Poloniae, 4 vols. Warsaw, 1847-1887

MTAK 432.603

CEU-ELTE Medieval Library



period: 10-16th c.charter editions concerning parts of Poland (Little Poland, Great Poland, Mazovia, Silesia, etc.). Old, not very critical.
August Theiner, ed. Vetera Monumenta Poloniae et Lithuaniae gentiumque finitimarum historiam illustrantia maximam partem nondum edita ex tabulariis Vaticanis de prompta, collecta ac serie chronologica deposita ab A. Theiner, 4 vols. Rome, 1860-1864 OSzK   OE 20.626 very important for the history of international relations
Franciszek Piekosiński Antoni Sokołowski, Józef Szujski, Anatol Lewicki, Antoni Prochaska, Bolesław Ulanowski, Fryderyk, Papée, eds. Monumenta Medii Aevii Historica Res Gestas Poloniae Illustrantia, vol.1-19 Cracow, 1874-1927 MTAK 432.675OSzK   40.135/1-19 period: 12-16th c.see contents in Repertorium.Charters (eccelsiastical, general, urban), Cracow municipal records, letters, records of chapters and ecclesiastical courts. Old, but rather critical edition. Necessary.
Jan Ptaśnik, L. Boratyński, E. Kuntze, Cz. Nanke, E. Długopolski, Stanisław Szczur,ed. Monumenta Poloniae Vaticana, 9 vols. Cracow, 1913-1994 MTAK vol. 1-8160.781 period: 1207-1381, 1575-1578payments from Polish ecclesiastical province to the Holy See, especially Peterspenny; the activity of papal legates. Indispensable
Irena Sułkowska-Kuraś, Stanisław Kuraś, Hubert Wajs, eds. Bullarium Poloniae, 5 vols. Rome and Lublin, 1982-1992 period: 1000-1431regesta of papal bulls concerning Poland. Important
Jerzy Ochmański, ed. Vitoldiana. Codex privilegiorum Vitoldi magni ducis Lithuaniae 1386-1430 Warsaw, 1986 CEU Main Library947.5/01 VIT period:1386-1430charters of Vytautas, Grand Duke of Lithuania
H. D. Wojtyska, ed. Brevia Romanurum Pontificum ad Poloniam spectantia ex minutis et regestris pontficis, pars I: Brevia saeculi XV Rome, 1986 period: 15th c.rather important
Jerzy Wyrozumski, ed. Kodeks dyplomatyczny katedry i diecezji wileńskiej (Codex diplomaticus of the cathedral and diocese of Vilnius), vol.1 1387-1507 Cracow, 1994 period: 1387-1507indispensable for Lithuania




August Bielowski, ed. Monumenta Poloniae Historica, 6 vols. Vol. 1-5, Lwów, 1864-1888Vol. 6, Cracow, 1893Reprint, Warsaw, 1960-1961 Reprint: CEU Main Library 943.8 MON MTAK 428.779

OszK 37.890/1-6

period: 9th-15th c.chronicles, annals,vitae sanctorum, libri mortuorum, libri fraternitatis. Only partially replaced by newer editions.
Akademia Umiejętności w Krakowie, ed. Scriptores rerum Polonicarum, 22 vols. Cracow, 1872-1907 MTAK vol. 1-3, 5-22423.405 contents in Repertoriumcollection of minor narrative sources. Important
M. Plezia, J. Karwasińska, Z. Kozłowska -Budkowa, B. Kürbis, G. Labuda, K. Maleczyński, Z. Perzanowski, J. Szymański, J. Luciński, R. Walczak, J. Wikarjak, K. Liman,T. Kowalski, J. Kostrzewski, K. Stołyhwo, K. Moszyński, K. Nitsch, eds. Monumenta Poloniae Historica, Series Nova, vol. 1-11 Cracow, and Warsaw, 1946-1994 MTAK   vol. 4, 6-8428.779

OszK vol. 4-1037.890.2/4-10

period: 10-14th c.collection of narrative sources: minor chronicles, travellers’ relations, Vitae Sanctorum, Libri Mortuorum, annals, etc. Important. Contents in Repertorium
Karol Maleczyński, ed. Galli Anonymi Chronicae et Gesta ducum sive principum Polonorum, Monumenta Poloniae Historica, Series Nova, vol. 2
Gesta principum Polonorum/The Deeds of the princes of the Poles, ed. & tr. Paul W. Knoll & F. Schaer



Cracow, 1952



Budapest-New York, 2003 Central Eur. Med. Texts 3





period: 10-12th c.from legendary times to Bolesław II Krzywousty (Wrymouth). One of the most important sources for early Middle Ages in Poland
Marian Plezia, ed. Magistri Vincenti dicti Kadłubek Chronica Polonorum, Monumenta Poloniae Historica, Series Nova, vol. 11 Cracow, 1994 CEU-ELTE Medieval Library period: 10-13th c.,a chronicle by a bishop of Cracow. Many confabulations for earlier periods, but not bad for 12th c.
Verein für Geschichte und Altertum Schlesiens, ed. Scriptores rerum Silesiacarum oder Sammlung Schlesischer Geschichtsschreiber, 17 vols. Breslau, 1835-1902 MTAK 428.738OSzK vol. 13-1415.097/13-14 a collection of Silesian narrative sources, chiefly late medieval (15th c.). Of special importance is the work of Peter Eschenloer, Geschichte der Stadt Breslau
Theodor Hirsch, M. Töppen, E. Strehlke, ed. Scriptores rerum Prussicarum. Die Geschichtsquellen der preußischer Vorzeit bis zum Untergande der Ordensherrschaft, 5 vols. Leipzig, 1861-1874 for contents see Repertoriuma basic edition of Prussian narrative sources
Scriptores rerum Livonicarum. Sammlung der wichtigsten Chroniken und Geschichtsdenkmäle von Liv-, Esth-, und Kurland, 2 vols. Leipzig and Riga, 1848-1853 CEU-ELTE Medieval Library for contents see Repertorium as above for Livonia
Leonid Arbusow, Albert Bauer, eds. Henricus Lettus: Chronicon Livoniae, MGH, SSrG in usum scholarum, vol. 31 Hannover, 1955 CEU-ELTE Medieval Library
Max Toeppen, Klaus Scholz, Dieter Wojtecki, eds. Petrus von Dusberg: Chronik des Preussenlandes (Chronica Terrae Prussiae), Ausgewählte Quellen zur Geschichte des Mittelalters, vol. 25 Darmstadt, 1984 CEU-ELTE Medieval Library basic
Theodor Hirsch, ed. Herman von Wartenberg: Chronicon Livoniae, Scriptores rerum Prussicarum, vol. 2 Leipzig, 1863 basic
Theodor Hirsch, ed. Wigand von Marburg: Chronicon, Scriptores rerum Prussicarum, vol. 2 Leipzig, 1863 basic
Polnoye Sobranye Russkikh Letopisey (Complete collection of Russian chronicles) St.Petersburg (afterwards Leningrad), Moscow MTAK vol. 1-15, 18-37350.108vol. 1-2 also 920.141OSzK vol. 1, 2, 34vol. 1   37.167/1vol. 2   37.167/237.222/2/1vol. 34   37.167/34CEU-ELTE Medieval Library, vol. 4-14 


for contents see Repertorium
Borys A. Rybakov, ed. Chronika Litovskaya i Zshmoitskaya (Lithuanian and Samogitian Chronicle), Polnoye Sobranye Russkikh Letopisey, vol. 32 Moscow, 1975 MTAK 350. 108 important
A.A. Shahmatov, ed. Ipat’evskaya letopis (Hypatan Chronicle), Polnoye Sobranye Russkikh Letopisey, vol. 2 St. Petersburg, 1908Reprint Moscow, 1962 MTAK 350. 108920.141 important
J. Nowacki, ed. Liber beneficiorum Dioecesis Posnanenis anni 1510 Poznań, 1950 MTAK   167.319 register of the land estates and other sources of income of the bishopric of Poznań
Aleksander Przeździecki, ed. Joannis Dlugossi Senioris Canonici Cracoviensis Opera Omnia, 15 vols. Cracow, 1863-1887 MTAK   209.755 period: 10th-15th c.collected   works of the most prominent Polish late medieval chronicler: Annales, Liber beneficiourm of the diocese of Cracow, etc. Indispensable for late Middle Ages
K. Górski, ed. Jan Długosz: Banderia Pruthenorum Warsaw, 1958 period: 15th c.a detailed and illustrated description of the Teutonic Order’s’standarts captured by the Allied troops during the battle of Grunwald/Tannenberg (1410)
Jan Dąbrowski, Zofia Kozłowska-Budkowa, W.Semkowicz-Zarembina, et al., ed. Joannis Dlugossi Annales seu Chronicae incliti Regni Poloniae, 11 vols. Warsaw, 1964- MTAK vol. 1-2, 9420.244OSzK vol. 1-1040.224/1-10vol. 1-1138.473/1-11

CEU-ELTE Medieval Library

period: 10-15th c.a new edition of the Annales of Długosz. Well developed critical apparatus.



Great Poland

E. Raczyński, ed. Codex diplomaticus Maioris Poloniae (1136-1513) Poznań, 1840 period: 1136-1513editions of charters concerning Great Poland
I. Zakrzewski, Franciszek Piekosiński, Antoni Gąsiorowski, R. Walczak, T. Jasiński, eds. Codex diplomaticus Maioris Poloniae, 10 vols. Poznań, 1877-1993 OSzK vol.1-5403.331/1-5 period: 10-15th c.critical edition of charters concerning Great Poland
Zbigniew Perzanowski, ed. Diplomata abbatiae Lubinensis saeculi XIII-XV, Codex Diplomaticus Maioris Poloniae, Seria Nova, fasc.1 Warsaw and Poznań, 1975 period: 13-15th c.charters of a Benedictine abbey
Witold Maisel, ed. Przywileje miasta Poznania XIII-XVIII wieku (Privileges of the town of Poznań, 13-18th centuries) Poznań, 1994 period: 13-18th c.



Little Poland (see also General)


Wojciech Kętrzyński,Stanisław Smolka, eds. Codex diplomaticus monasterii Tyniecensis, 2 vols. Lviv, 1885 MTAK 436.681OSzK vol. 1   III Austr 557ta period: 12-15th c.charters of a Benedictine abbey
Eugeniusz Janota, ed. Diplomata monasterii Clarae Tumbae prope Cracoviam Cracow, 1865 period: 13-16th c.charters of a Cistercian abbey
Stanisław Kuraś, ed. Zbiór dokumentów katedry i diecezji krakowskiej (Collection of charters of the Cathedral and Diocese of Kraków), 2 vols. Lublin, 1965-1973 MTAK 405.697 period: 1063-1450very important. Updating of Monuemnta Medii Aevii Historica edition
Irena Sułkowska-Kuraś, Stanisław Kuraś, ed. Zbiór dokumentów małopolskich (Collection of charters from Little Poland), 8 vols. Wrocław, Warsaw, and Cracow, 1962-1975 MTAK vol. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8920.127OSzK vol. 1-238.317/1-2 period: 1211-1450critical edition of charters concerning Little Poland, vol.6-7 charters of Władysław Jagiełłó




Bolesław Ulanowski, ed. Dokumenty kujawskie i mazowieckie, przeważnie z XIII wieku (Charters from Cuiavia and Masovia, mainly from the 13th c. Cracow, 1888 old, but still useful
J. Korwin-Kochanowski, ed. Codex diplomaticus et commemorationum Masoviae generalis Warsaw, 1919 as above
Z. Guldon, R. Kabaciński, M. Kallas, J. Wójciak, eds. Dokumenty do dziejów Kujaw i Ziemi Dobrzyńskiej XIV-XIX wieku (Charters to the history of Cuiavia and Land of Dobrzyń in the 14-19th centuries) Warsaw and Poznań, 1974 period:14-19th c.
Stella Maria Szacherska, ed. Zbiór dokumentów i listów miasta Płocka (Collection of charters and letters of the town of Płock), 2 vols. Warsaw, 1975-1987 important for urban history in Masovia
E. Suchodolska, ed. Regesty dokumentów mazowieckich z lat 1248-1345 (Regesta of Masovian charters, 1248-1345) Warsaw, 1980 period: 1248-1345
Irena Sułkowska-Kuraś, Stanisław Kuraś, J. Piętka, eds. Codex diplomaticus Mazoviae novus, 3 vols. Wrocław, Warsaw, and Cracow, 1989-1993 period: 13-14th c.vol.3 index



Silesia (see also Narrative, Ecclesiastical)


Verein für Geschichte und Altertum Schlesiens, ed. Codex diplomaticus Silesiae, 34 vols. Breslau, 1857-1927 MTAK vol. 1-22, 26-27, 31-33417.378 basic set of sources for Silesian history
Karol Maleczyński, ed. Codex diplomaticus nec non epistolaris Silesiae, 3 vols. Wrocław, 1951-1964 MTAK 207.333OSzK vol. 140.607 period: 10-13th c.not bad, but the item below far more critical and reliable
Hermann Appelt, Winfried Irgang, eds. Schlesisches Urkundenbuch, 5 vols. Graz, Vienna, and Cologne, 1963-1992 MTAK vol.1-2297.665OSzK vol. 1-?4.555/1CEU-ELTE Medieval, vol. 5 period: 971-1288a very good critical charter edition
Wacław Korta, Kazimierz Bobowski, Janina Gilewska-Dubois, eds. Regesty Śląskie (Silesian Regesta), 5 vols. Wrocław, Warsaw, and Cracow, 1975-1992 MTAK vol.1-2833.472 period: 1343-1360


West Pomerania


R. Klempin, R. Prümers,   G. Winter, O. Heinemann, H. Friederichs, E. Sandow, K. Conrad, E. Assman, eds. Pommersches Urkundenbuch, 11 vols. Stettin, Cologne, and Graz, 1868-1990Reprint of vols. 1-6 Aalen, 1970New edition of vols. 1-2 Cologne and Vienna MTAK, vol. 5-9241.643 period: 786-1345


East Pomerania, Prussia, the State of the Teutonic Order, Livonia (see also Narrative)


J. Voigt, ed. Codex diplomaticus Prussicus, 6 vols. Königsberg, 1836-1861; Reprint 1965 basic charter edition for Prussia
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(see also Narrative, General, Mazovia, the State of the Teutonic Order)


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Sobranye Gosudarstvennyh Gramot i Dogovorov (Collection of State’s Charters and Treaties) Moscow important for political history
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Ecclesiastical (see also General, Law Codices and General Questions of Law)


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Polska Akademia Umiejętności, ed. Studia i Materiały do Historii Ustawodawstwa Synodalnego w Polsce (Studies and sources for the history of synodal legislation in Poland) good critical editions of the texts of synodal statutes
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Royal Chancellery


E. Rykaczewski, ed. Inventarium omnium et singulorum privilegiorum, litterarum, diplomatum, scripturarum et monumentorum, quaecunque in Archivo Regni in arce Cracoviensi continentur Paris, 1862 an inventory of the documents form the Royal Archive in Cracow. Old but useful
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Akademia Umiejętności Kraków, ed. Archiwum Komisji Prawniczej. Collectanea ex Archivo Iuridicii varia
Akademia Umiejętności Kraków, ed. Archiwum Komisji Historycznej.Collectanea ex Archivo Historicii MTAK vols. 5, 9, 12, 13


these volumes contain the edition of Scriptores Rerum Polonicarum
Starodawne Prawa Polskiego Pomniki (Ancient Monuments of Polish Law) MTAK vol. 2-12vol. 2   180.205vol. 3-4   180.206vol. 5 180.210vol. 6 180.209vol. 7 180.213vol. 8 180.211vol. 9 180.207vol. 9 180. 207vol. 10 180.208

vol. 11-12 180.212


OSzK vol. 2


several editions of ecclesiastical and secular legislation, court records, varia
Akta grodzkie i ziemskie z czasów Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z Archiwum tak zwanego Bernadyńskiego we Lwowie (Castle and Land Acts from the period of the Republic of Poland, from the so-called Bernardine Archive in Lviv) Lviv, 1868-1911 MTAK vol. 1-21, 23425.628 period: 14-17th c.records of castle and land courts
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Zygmunt Antoni Helcel, ed. Z ksiąg rękopiśmiennych dotąd nieużytych główniej zaś z ksiąg dawnych sądowych ziemskich i grodzkich ziemi krakowskiej wyciągnął i wydał…(From manuscript books not used so far, mainly from old land and castle court books of the land of Cracow, extracted and published by…), Starodawne Prawa Polskiego Pomniki, vol. 2 Cracow, 1870 MTAK 180.205OSzK   217.605 period: 14-15th c.records from the castle and land court books of the land of Cracow. Highly selective, but not replaced by any newer edition yet
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Jakub Sawicki, ed. Iura Masoviae Terrestria. Pomniki dawnego prawa mazowieckiego ziemskiego (Monuments of the old land law in Masovia), 3 vols. Warsaw, 1972-1974 statutes of the princes of Masovia, other legislative acts
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Stanisław Krzyżanowski, ed. Acta scabinalia Cracoviensia 1365-1375 et 1390-1397. Wydawnictwo Archiwum Aktów Dawnych Miasta Krakowa, vol. 1 Cracow, 1905 period: 1364-1375, 1390-1397very important
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Witold Maisel, ed. Wilkierze poznańskie (Poznań Internal Town Laws), vol.1 Administracja i sądownictwo (Administration and jurisdiction), vol. 2 Handel, rzemiosło i rolnictwo (Commerce, handicraft, and agriculture), vol.3 Organizacja cechowa (Guild organisation) Wrocław, Warsaw, and Cracow, 1966-1969 MTAK 447.450 documents concerning the municipal jurisprudence
Ludwik Łysiak, Stanisław Roman, eds. Polskie statuty ziemskie w redakcji najstarszych druków (Syntagmata) (Polish Land Statutes in Redaction of the Oldest Prints ‘Syntagmata’) Wrocław, Warsaw, and Cracow, 1958 good and critical. Imprortant for the history of law
Oswald Balzer, Ludwik Łysiak, eds. Statuty Kazimierza Wielkiego, vol. 1 Statuty małopolskie (Statutes of Kazimierz the Great, vol.1 Statutes of Little Poland); vol.2 Statuty wielkopolskie (Statutes of Kazimierz the Great, vol. 2 Statutes of Great Poland) Warsaw and Poznań, 1947-1982 period: 14 th c.codification of customary laws. Important
J. Matuszewski, ed. Najstarszy zwód prawa polskiego (The oldest codex of the Polish law) Warsaw, 1959 period: 13 th c.a so-called Book of Elbląg/Elbing—the oldest record of Polish customary law
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University of Cracow


Henryk Barycz, ed. Conclusiones Universitatis Cracoviensis ab anno 1441 ad annum 1589, Archiwum do Dziejów Oświaty i Szkolnictwa w Polsce, vol. 2 Warsaw, and Cracow, 1933 period: 1441-1589decision of the University authorities
Żegota Pauli, ed. Codex diplomaticus Universitatis Studii Generalis Cracoviensis, 3 vols. Cracow, 1870-1880 MTAK 352.831OSzK vol.1-4229.924 period: 14-17 th c. vol.1 1365-1605. Charters of the Univ. of Cracow. Reasonably fair
L. Koczy, ed. University of Cracow: Documents Concerning Its Origins Dundee, 1966 MTAK 428.581OSzK   OD 24.858





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Theodor Codrescu Uricariul, 26 vols. Iaşi: Tip. Buciumul Român, 1852-1895 MTAK 413.709
Ioan Mihalyi de Apşa Diplome maramureşene din secolul XIV-XV (Charters from Maramures from the 14-15th century) Maramureş-Sziget: Mazer-Berger, 1900 (A reprint edition has been started in the recent years). MTAK 182.872
Nicolae Iorga Studii şi documente cu privire la Istoria Românilor (Studies and documents regarding the history of Romanians),vol. I Socotelile Bistriţei (Ardeal);vol. II Acte relative la istoria Cultului Catolic în Pricipate adunate şi tipărite cu o prefaţă despre propaganda catolică până la 1500;vol. III Fragmente de cronici şi ştiri despre cronicari adunate şi tipărite cu o prefaţă despre istoria munteană în legătură cu istoriografia sârbească;vols. V-VI Cărţi domneşti şi răvaşe. Tipărite în întregime sau cu regeste şi întovărăşite de note explicative;vol. VII Istoria literaturii religioase a Românilor până la 1688. Bucureşti: Vălenii de Munte,190119011903-19041904  MTAK 423.463
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Ioan Bogdan Documente şi regeste privitoare la relaţiile Ţării Româneşti cu Braşovul şi Ungaria în secolul XV şi XVI. (Documents and calendar regarding the relations of Valachia with Brasov and Hungary in the 15th and the 16th centuries) Bucureşti: Socec, 1902. MTAK 420.912
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Ioan Bogdan Documentele lui Ştefan cel Mare (The docuemnts of Stephen the Great), 2 vols. Bucureşti: Socec, 1813. MTAK 100.278
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MTAK 431.181

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Bucureşti: Ed. Academiei R.P.R., 1951-1957.
MTAKVol. 1         184.837Vols. 2,3     127.667Vol.4         156.997Vol.5         167.663
Ion IonaşcuL. Lăzărescu-Ionescu
Documente privind istoria României, B Ţara Românească, Veac. XIV-XVII (Documents regarding the history of Romania. B. Valachia. 14th-17th centuries).

Vols. 12

Veac XIII, XIV, XV (1247-1500);

Veac XVI, vols. 1-6 (1501-1600)

Bucureşti: Ed. Academiei R.P.R., 1951-1956. MTAK     veac XIII- XIV,   175.453;v. XV, 157.976;v. XVI1, 161.971v. XVI2, 127.668v. XVI3, 133.401v. XVI4, 156.996v. XVI5, 157.976v. XVI6, 161.705
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Veacul XI, XII, XIII, vol. 1 (1075-1250);

Veac. XIII, vol 2 (1251-1300)

Veacul XIV, vols. 1-4 (1301-1350).

Bucureşti: Ed. Academiei R.P.R., 1951-1955.

MTAK veac XI-XIII, vol 1, 127.670

Vol.2 157.384 Veac XIV

Vol. 1 161.971

Vol. 2 175.454

Constantin Cihodaru et alii Documenta Romaniae Historica, A Moldova

Vol. I (1384 –1448); vol II (1449-1486) vol. III (1487-1504);

MTAK   457.266
Ştefan Ştefănescu et alii Documenta Romaniae Historica, B Ţara Românească

Vol. I (1247-1500); vol. II (1501-1525); vol. IV (1536-1550); vol. VI (1536-1570); vol. VII (1571-1575); vol. XIV. (1371-1375).

MTAKVols. 1-6,   423.226Vol. 11,       485.789
Ştefan Pascu et alii Documenta Romaniae Historica, C Transilvania

Vol. X (1351-1355) vol. XI (1356-1360); vol. XII (1361-1365); vol. XIII (1366-1370);

MTAK     835.007
Ştefan Pascu et alii Documenta Romaniae Historica, D Relaţiile între ţările române

(DRH. The relationships between the Romanian lands)

Vol. I (1222-1456);

MTAK     835.006
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Mihai GubogluMustafa Mehmet Cronici turceşti privind ţările române (extrase, sec. XV-mijl. Sec. XVIII), (Turkish chronicles regarding the Romanian principalities. Calendars, between the 15th to middle of the 18th century). I vol. Bucureşti: Editura Academiei R.S.R., 1966 MTAK     418.784
Vasile Grecu Georgios Sphrantzes, Memorii 1401-1477, Pseudo-Sphrantzes, Macarie Melissenos , cronica 1258-1481,Laonic Chalcocondil, Mihail Ducas, Istoria turco-bizantină (1341-1462) (The Turkish-Byzantine history. 1341-1462)

Critobul din Imbros, Din domnia lui Mahomed al II-lea anii 1451-1467 (From the rulership of Mahomed II, 1451-1467)

Bucureşti: Editura Academiei R.S.R., 196019581958 MTAK     422.060715.733715.232276.362



* Volumes 3.3 (Additamenta) and 3.4 (Indices) are to be published in the nearest future by Jan Bistřický.