Membership in MECERN is free. Nevertheless, we appreciate receiving donations (at the tune of € 10-25 p.a.) for the upkeep of the homepage and financing the projects. Until the network becomes strong enough to stand on its own foot, donations reach us only via an account set up in memory of a former CEU student. If it is not too much trouble, please transfer donations to the bank a/c of Central European University (400 W 59th, New York) at the CIB Bank Rt Budapest Szabadság tér. IBAN for €: HU84 1110 0104 9001 9832 0600 0008; for USD: HU13 1110 0104 9001 9832 0300 0009; SWIFT: CIBHHUHB for both, with the memo: “Tanasa Fund MECERN.” If in Budapest, please contact the office of the Dept. of Medieval Studies at Nádor utca 9, FT 405. Sorry for this being so complicated and perhaps unreasonably costly. (Actually, to simply mail a banknote in a letter is hardly risky within Europe any more…)

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