MECERN is run under a Steering Committee of nine people drawn from the membership of MECERN.  Each member of the Steering Committee serves for six years.  Three members are representatives of the host institute of the past, current and next biennial conference.  The remaining six members are elected by the membership, two being elected every two years.   Elections are held on-line and shortly before the biennial conference; the on-line elections enables more members to be involved and not just those who are able to attend the conference in person.   Members of the Steering Committee select a Chair who is de facto head of MECERN. The Steering Committee meet on-line at least twice per year organised and hosted by the Chair.  An agenda is circulated in advance of these meetings.

The MECERN website is maintained by students and alumni of CEU and University of Munich.  MECERN Chair may also request administrative support from their own or other students and alumni. 

Names, contact and MECERN roles of current post-holders – click here 

All roles noted above are performed voluntarily and in the post-holders’ own time.

MECERN Membership is open to everyone who is interested in the medieval period in Central Europe, irrespective of academic qualifications or physical location.