MECERN long term project: The Research Companion to Medieval Central Europe

The Research Companion to Medieval Central Europe is the network’s long-term project. It is intended as a research handbook that will serve as the starting point for new in-depth studies of medieval Central Europe.

It will contain a comprehensive and critical review of regional resources and results of up-to-date modern research centered on the Kingdoms of Hungary, Poland and Bohemia as well as their surrounding areas (“from the Baltic to the Adriatic”) with which these kingdoms had lively interactions.

Edited by Daniel Ziemann (Editor-in-chief), the volume will include twenty thematic chapters written as studies situated within recent cutting-edge scholarship and contributions on various aspects of regional medievalia, spanning disparate subjects and ranging from spatial organization through elites, religious practices, economic cooperation and everyday life, intellectual and artistic expressions. The volume is expected to be launched by 2018.


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