The Third Biennial Conference of the Medieval Central Europe Research Network

Between Three Seas: Borders, Migrations, Connections

The Third Biennial Conference of the Medieval Central Europe Research Network

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb (Croatia), 12–14 April 2018

Organized by

the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

in collaboration with

the Croatian Institute of History


Keynote lectures by

Neven Budak and Paul Knoll

In the summer of 2015 the countries of Central and Southeastern Europe were faced with a massive wave of refugees caused by the collapse of the established political order in the Near East. In the longue durée, this was not a new phenomenon. Throughout the Middle Ages the region of Central Europe, closed off by the Baltic, Black and Adriatic Seas, was on numerous times exposed to the large-scale movements of people, whether migrations or invasions, while its borders, as well as political and cultural landscapes were constantly shaped and reshaped anew. Yet during this entire period migrations were also taking place on a micro level. As various individuals, objects, and ideas circulated to and fro, political, economic and cultural connections emerged that transcended borders both within and beyond the region. The Third Biennial Conference of MECERN ( will focus on the impact of both mass and individual movements on the region, the permeability of borders, and the manifold connections that reached beyond purely local contexts. In other words, the conference will explore medieval Central Europe in flux. We welcome proposals from scholars researching all aspects of history, from political, social, cultural, economic, ecclesiastical, urban to art, literary, intellectual, and legal history. Both individual and panel submissions are welcomed, with papers expected to be twenty-minutes long. In addition, the call is open for poster presenters, as one poster session will also be organised with five-minute presentations.

Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2017

Please submit a 250-word abstract and one-page CV to

Planned registration fee: EUR 50

All accepted participants will be notified by 15 October 2017


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